Monday, June 29, 2015

25th Krakow Jewish Culture Festival - 2nd week

And the 2nd week of the festival begins today. Lots and lots of great music awaits you.

Important notes - events at Dajwor are open-air and free admission
Midnite sessions start at midnight, last often till early morning hours, tickets are 10 PLN
All the concerts from Tempel Synagogue are transmitted live via streaming available on festival's website!

29.06. Frank London, Michael Winograd & Yaako Lemmer - Ahava Raba at Synagogue Tempel (8pm)
Gelada DJ Set - Bob Dylan & other jewish hippies  at Dajwor Quarter (8.30pm)
Frank London & La Mar Enfortuna - Midnite Session at Alchemia
We start with some classic sounds by the festival's omnipresent Frank Longon, Michael Winograd and kantor singer Yaako Lemmer. Alternatively you can listen to the dj set by Yaron Mandelovici. The night will end with more of Frank London and the exquisite La Mar Enfortuna.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 29.06-05.07 / Krakow Jewish Festival

The Summer has come (although it's a bit rainy at the moment), but the Summer Festivals has come. The main recommendation goes for the Krakow Jewish Festival and I'll outline some of the music schedule tomorrow. Below you can find some recommenations for musical events

01.03 Wójcinski / Szmanda Quartet at Piec'ART.
The Quartet boasts three Wojcinskis and one Szmanda - Szymon on piano, Maurycy on trumpet, Ksawery on bass and Pawel (the only Szmanda) on drums. A dark horse of the week - a concert that should not go unnoticed.

01.07 Elysian Fields at Alchemia
Straight from New York, melancholic rock from the band that started in the legendary Knitting Factory.

02.07 Rotem Sivan Trio at Piec'ART
For jazz guitar fans, Rotem Sivan sounds and his cohorts sound like a treat.

Starting 1st of July - 20th Summer Jazz Festival, with daily concerts in Pod Baranami and Harris Piano Jazz Bar. Of notice this week:

01.07 High Definition Quartet at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
03.07 NSI Quartet at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
04.07 Kuba Płuzet Trio at Harris Piano Jazz Bar

also, there's more for jazz guitar fans, a competition will be held between 01-04.07 (a tribute to late Jarek Smietana) with its grand finale Guitar Summit (featuring Mike Stern, John Abercrombie among others).

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

25th Krakow Jewish Culture Festival - 1st week

This is the 25th edition of the Festival which has grown to be one of the most important cultural events in Krakow's yearly calendar, one of the biggest events dedicated to jewish culture (battling Jerusalem and New York for the title), is one of the most complex and complete experience, a total immersion into judaic world (concerts, lectures, films, museum tours, food, guests from all over the world) whose rich program fills up 10 days of activities and leads up to the grand finale, the Shalom concert, an multi-hour marathon of joy and music nicknamed Jewish Woodstock.

Ladies and Gentleman, below is a summary of the OFF part of the festival's program (first 4 days only!) which is focused on jewish traditional music in the prism of modern pop/indie/rock/jazz/electronica culture. I wholeheartedly invite the entire program - you'll bound to find something to your particular liking.

Apart from from the traditional main concerts in Tempel Synagogue and the Midnight Jam Sessions at Alchemia there are plenty of open air events (free admission) at new space called Kwartal - Quarter (Dajwor street, on the back fo the Old Synagogue).

25.06. MLDVA at Dajwor Kwartal (8.30 PM)
           Congo Beat The Drum (movie projection) (9.30 PM)
MLDVA is a live dj act the grooves freely mixing ethnic rhythms (klezmer, turkish, chasidic) with modern aesthetics of dub and trip-hop.
Congo Beat the Drum is a move that tells a story of two jewish musicians travelling to Jamaica to record their songs with local musicians. Klezmer meets reggae - sounds like a lot of fun.

26.06. Ori at Cheder Cafe (8 PM)
           OFF Radio Krakow - Only Vinyl Set with Daniel Drumz and Good Paul at Dajwor Quarter (8.30 PM)
           Teder Presents a night in Tel Aviv at Barka (10 PM)
Ori is an original songwriter, born in Jerusalem, living and working in Berlin. Eclectic and unorthodox, his music shows influences of folk, neo-soul, trip-hop and minimalism. Music for a peaceful dream.
For something slightly different and more upbeat you have two DJ events. Firstly a double set curated by OFF Radio Krakow, secondly a whole night party with some of Tel Aviv's greatest.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 22-28.06 / 25th Krakow Jewish Festival

The 25th Krakow Jewish Culture Festival starts this thurdsay, to which I'll dedicate a separate post tomorrow. Accordingly to one of the Murphy's laws, if there are two good parties this week they'll definitely be on the same day. Which is why you'll have to make some hard choices. Below the concert proposals for the upcoming days which are not festival-related.

23.06. King Ayisoba & Band at Klub RE
Straight from Ghana, King Ayisoba and his crew, with traditional rhythms and some modern twists. A must-see to anyone interested in world / roots music.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mike Parker Unified Theory - Embrace The Wild

Mike Parker's Unified Theory
Mike Parker - double bass
Dawid Fortuna - drums
Bartek Prucnal - alto saxophone
Slawek Pezda - tenor saxophone
Cyprian Baszczynski - trumpet

self-release 2014

New York is (supposedly) the jazz capital of the world. Krakow is (allegedly) the jazz capital of Poland. I won't discuss that now, just wanted to establish some connection :)
Mike Parker is a New Yorker who has been living in Krakow city for quite a while now and became a well-known and regular presence on jam sessions and variety of projects happening on the stages of city's few but active jazz clubs. 

"Embrace The Wild" is the second release under "Unified Theory" name, but the first one recorded in Krakow and it finds Mike teaming up with some of the young talents of Krakow/Poland jazz scene, to play a set of compositions that balance diversity of styles with the harmony of beautifully crafted melodic layers. 

Double Bass player usually hides somewhere in the back of the sound mix and stage. It takes discipline to be a bass player and lead the group. Now, this is a bass player's album, and bass stays often in the front, thankfully much in the way of Dave Holland or Charles Mingus, none of the flashy MM or SC stuff (you know who I mean). Mike Parker can keep the time in check with funky riffs and fill the bottom with the big sound or play the most melodic base in the 4 voice harmony, with trumpet and two saxes above. Parker's clearly well skilled on the instrument. But for me this is an album of Mike Parker - the composer.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 15-21.06

Brace yourself. Summer is coming. Which means there will be a plenty of open air concerts, festivals and other stuff around. We countdown till the next Krakow Jewish Culture Festival begins and right after that Warsaw Summer Jazz Days start with an very intriguing line-up. In the meantime...

18.06 Hot Tamales at Tak Było
For something completely/slightly different. A bluesy acoustic trio with soothing vocals, guitar and harp that has found much appreciation on a variety of blues festivals (including recent Bluesroads in Krakow) will meet you this thursday in Tak Bylo.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 08-14.06

Summer is coming. In the meantime...:)

09.06. Buka & Gase / Kubaterra at Betel Klub (GREEN ZOO Festival)
Green Zoo is possible one of the most intriguing musical events taking place in Krakow. Festival dedicated to the often unconventional, unnamed, underground, impossible to classify musical projects from the realms of indie electronica, rock, folk and more. BTW if you haven't done it yet - dig through Tiny Desk Concerts, there's some amazing crazy stuff there.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 1-7.06 Krakow Film Festival

In Poland 1st June is Child's Day so you better celebrate your inner child today or else... For example you can treat yourself to some live music this week. Or go see a movie during the Krakow Film Festival (which as usual has also the DocMusic section along with open-air cinema musical screenings and more!) (some updates added)

03.06. Mitch & Mitch with their Incredible Combo at Rotunda Plac Nowy (Krakow Film Festival).
A crazy cartoon band with Mitchy nicknames invented covers repertoire that plays some of the funniest concerts around. A mix of great musicianship with a abstract humour.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 26-31.05 + Film Music Festival (Update)

I skipped Monday, but without further delay I'd like to recommend you two events below for your musical reflection and entertainment this week. Enjoy.

(an important music event skipped my mind as I posted this first. Check out Film Music Festival's programme - you might find something to your liking).

27.05 Rishin Singh, Mateusz Węgrzyn and Konrad Gęca - Muzykoterapia series
Another installment of the Muzykoterapia concert series with three distinguished performers who operate in the field of impro, noise, electronica, audio performance, field recordings and all sorts of audio-video experiments. The performance will take place in Culture House at Mikolajska 2. Important Note - free entrance.

27-31.05 Krakow Film Music Festival
A treat for those who love movies and music and orchestras (mostly). The Festival will present among others, themes from Andrzej Wajda's movies (featuring Audiofeeling Trio), TV series and Video Games soundtracks and more. Check the details here:

29.05 MLDVA at Cheder Cafe
MLDVA is a live act that will get you partying to the funkified far east rhythms. The evening is and introduction to the upcoming Krakow Jewish Festival and seems also like a great introduction to your weekend. Free entrance as well.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 16-24.05

I've skipped a week due to various circumstances, I hope you still caught some live music during the week. Either way, the following days will bring some extremely interesting concerts and I hope you won't miss them. The special recommendation goes to the two events in Alchemia.

16.05 Białoszewski with Mikrokolektyw and Patryk Zakrocki at Klub Re (Milosz Festival)
17.05 Andruchowycz and Karbido at Klub Re (Milosz Festival)
Poetry and music are always a strange yet endearing couple. Two nights in a row, we'll see the two beautiful arts meet on the stage for what is bound to be an emotional evening (given how powerfull Bialoszewski's poetry is and how intense Andruchowycz's recitation can be). Both concerts are part of the Festival dedicated to the late Czeslaw Milosz.

18.05 Charles Gayle / Ksawery Wojcinski / Klaus Kugel at Alchemia
Whether he wants it or not, Charles Gayle is now among the living legends of free jazz. Charles Gayle speaks the Truth. His trio with Ksawery and Klaus is an absolute must-see. Also, the trio will promote their new cd fresh out on ForTune Records.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 04-10.05

Long weekend was particularly short this year. Moreover there's no time to relax and this week schedule is basically overfilled with the great movie program of the Off Camera festival. Still there's always some worthy music to see.

06.05 D.R.A.G at Piec'ART
This is a quartet led by the violinist Dominika Rusinowska, featuring the talents of Matuesz Gaweda on piano, Jakub Mielcarek on bass, and Kuba Rusinowski on drums - a group that should bring some solid modern jazz to the stage.No videos available as for now but I've been told there'll soon be.

09.05. Nat Osborn Band in Alchemia
Soulful and funky style Straight from Brooklyn New York,. This concert seems like a great way to start Saturday night. Nat's tour band will feature Mike Parker, Damian Niewinski keeping the groove tight.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Kraków Concert Schedule 27.04-03.05

The marathon continues as we have still two more concerts in the Starzy i Mlodzi Jazz Festival, a must-see concert in Alchemia, little something for something completely different and Unesco's international jazz day

27.04 PeGaPoFo at Sztuka (Starzy i Mlodzi Festival)
28.04  N.S.I Quartet at Szutka (Starzy i Mlodzi Festival)
The presentation of young jazz scene, both bands already

28.04 Atomic at Alchemia
Amazing quintet from Scandinavia that combines the free spirit and respect for tradition, infinitely classy free jazz combo that has gone a long way since their early years.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kraków Concert Schedule 21.04 - 28.04

I'll cross the week line with this one but it's impossible to cut the list short of Monday and Tuesday concerts. Thanks to Starzy i Mlodzi czy Jazz w Krakowie and rugular activity be venues like Alchemia and Piec'ART we have a very busy days ahead of us.

21/22.04 Gorilla Mask at Piec'ART
Under this intriguing name hides a trio made by Peter Van Huffel on sax, Roland Fidezius on bass and Rudi Fischerlerner. The trio promises a free jazz, punk and metal mix.

7th Lublin Jazz Festival invitation

There's plenty of happening in Krakow this week due to the Starzy i Mlodzi Jazz Festival which will be covered on the blog in a more detailed way.

Before I pass to that I'd like to invite you as well to Lublin Jazz Festival, I have some very fond memories of it's edition few years back (documented on the blog as well). The festival has a very intriguing line-up including the dynamic scandinavian unit Atomic, the funkiest band I've ever seen live The Apples or Jazzpospolita playing the material from the masterpiece of polish jazz "Winobranie" by Zbigniew Namysłowski (who will appear himself as well).

more on the festival's website.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kraków Concert Schedule 13-19.04

Clear your schedules this week for those couple of events. A lot of good music is coming your way.

14.04 Daisy / Dickaty / Wojcinski Trio at Alchemia
I'm having very high hopes for this one. Tim Daisy has been one of the top drummers of the busy Chicago free jazz scene and has visited Alchemia plenty of times. Ray Dickaty is one of the strongholders of Warsaw improvising scene,a true activist of free music. Ksawery Wojcinski's lays the bass foundation like few others, Charles Gayle's bass player of choice.