Monday, August 18, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 18-24.08

I've been recently bitten by the vinyl bug again and in these weeks of absence on the blog I've been listening abundantly to the greats of swing & bop era, the wonderful sounds of Johnny Hodges, Ben Webster, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Shavers, Howard McGhee, Roy Eldridge, Art Tatum, Duke Ellington and many more.
I'll try to recover and get back to more recent releases soon. In the meantime, Krakow can provide you with some quality live music as always.

18.08 Gaweda / Fortuna Experiment at Piec'ART
Piano/drums duo is definitely not the most common of duo settings but one that can produce brilliant music (from the top of my head two completely different examples - Cecil Taylor / Max Roach and Danilo Rea / Stefano Gatto). Given that Gaweda and Fortuna are the top class of jazz youth in Cracow I think their experiment can give good results.

19/20.08 Ania Michalowska & Jakub Kotynia at Piec'ART
A more conventional duo, for those who enjoy the intimate standards sessions like the Sarah Vaughan's "After Hours" or Fitzgerald's duo with Joe Pass. I'm usually skeptic about modern jazz singers but it seems Ania & Jakub deserve a chance.

21.08 Scratch Nerds Sessions at Alchemia
A jam-session for scratch enthusiast, for those who want to scratch their itch, learn or just enjoy the music. I'm hoping it will be funky.

24.08 Sien at Galeria i! - performance for bari saxophone, double bass and dance.
With Paulina Owczarek and Thomas Kolarczyk responsible for the music, Galeria i! has become recently the space in Krakow for the most out-there and open-form events and I most highly recommend to support it.

24.08 Fat Suit on Plac Nowy
A student band from Scotland visiting in Krakow as a part of "Aberdeen - Cracow Jazz Bridge" exchange project. A bif of funk, hip hop, rock and jazz should make of a fun evening especially given the stage - the roof of the market building on Plac Nowy (with possible continuation in Alchemia).

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