Monday, March 30, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 30.03-05.04

Well, a week before Easter is usually not the busiest one concert-wise but something can be found for your ears.

01.04 Mike Parker's Trio Theory at Tak Było
Mike Parker, Frank Parker and Sławek Pezda are a hard swinging modern jazz trio. The well-established groove along with some free bit of madness by Sławek Pezda should provide for a great concert. If you only want to see one gig this week, I believe this should be the one.

01.04 Daniel Toledo Trio at Piec'ART
A mainstream piano trio, most of the times I would find the idea discouraging, but with the likes of Piotr Orzechowski on piano and the stellar Dawid Fortuna on drums, this might be quite satisfying evening.

04.04 Ida Zalewska Quartet at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Ida Zalewska's vocals are subtly elegant, along with the tasty base provided by Kuba Pluzek (piano), Damian Niewinski (drums) and Kuba Dworak (bass) this will certainly make for a nice chillout evening.

05/06.04 Leszek Żądło European Art Ensemble at Piec'ART
Last but not least, for a little bit of hard-post-bop you can celebrate the Easter nights at Piec'ART with Leszek Żądło and his band of veteran hard boppers (Wojtek Groborz on piano, Wiesław Jamioł on drum

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