Saturday, May 16, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 16-24.05

I've skipped a week due to various circumstances, I hope you still caught some live music during the week. Either way, the following days will bring some extremely interesting concerts and I hope you won't miss them. The special recommendation goes to the two events in Alchemia.

16.05 Białoszewski with Mikrokolektyw and Patryk Zakrocki at Klub Re (Milosz Festival)
17.05 Andruchowycz and Karbido at Klub Re (Milosz Festival)
Poetry and music are always a strange yet endearing couple. Two nights in a row, we'll see the two beautiful arts meet on the stage for what is bound to be an emotional evening (given how powerfull Bialoszewski's poetry is and how intense Andruchowycz's recitation can be). Both concerts are part of the Festival dedicated to the late Czeslaw Milosz.

18.05 Charles Gayle / Ksawery Wojcinski / Klaus Kugel at Alchemia
Whether he wants it or not, Charles Gayle is now among the living legends of free jazz. Charles Gayle speaks the Truth. His trio with Ksawery and Klaus is an absolute must-see. Also, the trio will promote their new cd fresh out on ForTune Records.

19-20.05 Sala Palmer Trio at Piec'ART
Sala Palmer Trio are Marte Eberson on piano, Stian Anderson on bass and Tore Flatjord on drums. Which is literally all I've found about the trio, so I cautiosly recommend the concerts, the benefit of doubt due to the fact that many interesting surprises came to Piec'ART from the far North.

20-24.05 Bluesroads Festival
Many locations, many varied events, plenty of concerts (with most acclaimed group Voo Voo), dance and instrument playing workshops, blues afterparies and jam sessions and a Gospel Mass on Sunday. Should be a lot of fun, you'll bound to find something that'll suit your needs. Check the Bluesorads Program.

Speaking of Blues. King is gone. RIP.

23.05 The Stubs + Test Prints at Piekny Pies
The Stubs sounds like ever like a hell of a lot of guitar fun to be have. Something for your inner rock'n'roll child.

24.05 Francois Carrier / Michel Lambert / Rafal Mazur at Alchemia
Francois Carrier and Michael Lambert are a free-improv duo well known around the world, often touring and performing in ad hoc musical partnerships. Their partnership with Rafal Mazur was so strong the trio decided to publish it and we'll host one of the few release parties concerts in Krakow.
Another must-see of the week.

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