Monday, January 16, 2012

From Jazz Alchemist Radio vaults - something funky for carnival

I still am quite limited in my activity so instead of a new live playlist I dug into the archives and decided to draw from the selection of more laid-back Jazz Alchemist playlists. So here we have a program that aired originally on 4th May 2009 and was dedicated to what's funky in jazz.

William Parker with his Curtis Mayfield project played around that time in Warsaw and this was the main inspiration fot the topic chosen (Kris Wanders and Dragons 1976 appeared in Krakow as well at that time). I hope that you'll enjoy this and it will get you in the right mood for some funky carnival party. (sorry for the mic quality - the program was prepared at home).

1. Dragons 1976 - Drifting
William Parker. Photo by K. Penarski
2. Lester Bowie Brass Fantasy - Papa's got a brand new bag
3. William Parker Octet - We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
4. Albert Beger, William Parker, Hamid Drake - Funky Lacy
5. Kris Wanders Unit - Continual Derangement
6. Mitch & Mitch - Frankkus' Dilemma
7. Spaceways Incorporated - Red Hot Mama / Super Stupid (K.Vandermark, N.McBride, H.Drake)
8. Sex Mob - Please Please Please
9. James Brown - Medley (Papa's Got a Brand New Bag / I Got You (I Feel Good) / I Got The Feelin')
10. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Sex Machine
11. William Parker Quartet - Groove
12. Liquid Soul - Ramblin'
13. William Parker Raining on the Moon - Music Song
14. William Parker Raining on the Moon - The Watermelon Song
15. Ray Anderson Big Band - Don't Mow Your Lawn
16. William Parker & Hamid Drake - Never Run But Go, part 2.
17. William Parker & Hamid Drake - Black Cherry
18. Jason Adasiewicz - Rolldown (with Aram Shelton in the group)

"Never Run But Go, Part 2" from William's and Hamid's record with Peter Brotzmann "Never Too Late But Always Too Early" is also used in the background during the announcements.

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