Sunday, September 15, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 15-22.09

Quite a lot happening this week, mostly thanks to Sacrum Profanum Festival. Without further ado, below the suggestions of how to spend your next few evenings:

15.09 NIL - radio theatre play with improvised music - open rehearsal at Jozefinska 21
Krakow improvising musicians - Paulina Owczarek, Tomek Choloniewski, Krzysztof Kaliski will play along the theatre play recited by Krzysztof Trzewiczek.

15-22.09 Sacrum Profanum Festival (various locations)
One of the most important Festival's dedicated to modern music, this year's program includes performances of Brian Eno's "Music for Airports", concert dedicated to Frank Zappa, "Americana" evening with Steve Reich and Philipp Glass, acoustic version of music by Autechre, Apex Twin and others, the finale of the week is dedicated to one of the greatest composers of the XXth century - Witold Lutoslawski (Polish Icons vol.2). Check the official site for more detailed info.

16.09 Jam Session at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
The weekly jam with the Krakow's young cats - Bartek Prucnal, Kuba Pluzek, Alan Wykpisz and Patryk Dobosz. A way to ease your Monday-misery.

19.09 Vowoka at Piekny Pies
I just wrote about Wovoka's debut cd "Trees against the sky" and havind seen their performance couple of months ago in Bomba the only thing I can say is - don't miss it. Some hochie coochie is about to happen.

20-21.09 Stryjo at Piec'ART
A pianot trio led by Nikola Kolodziejczyk - who often lends his talensts as a composer and arranger to theatre and movie projects (mos recently collaborating with Richard Bona). Playfull and tricky post-bop. Mario Bros theme should put a smiley on your face.

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