Sunday, September 22, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 23-29.09

Another very busy week in Krakow. Make your choices.

23.09 Cam Deas and Michal Dymny at Piekny Pies
Two improvising guitarists, Cam Deas playing acoustic 12-string Tacoma guitar, Michal Dymny is known for his preparations of the instrument. The results of this collision should be very intriguing.

24.09 Osjan at Alchemia
Legendary group whose music always distinguished itself with a natural flow, a total, universal inclusion. Free in spirit yet not really part of the free improvised music movement, Osjan has a gift to touch your inner core with their music.

25.09 Korekyojinn at Klub Re
An ultra precise prog/jazz/avant-rock played by the three masters from Japan, led by Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins, Acid Mothers Gong, John Zorn's Painkiller). Power trio to the fullest.

25.09 Simple Free (Kinior, Mazur, Rutkowski) at Piekny Pies
Three musicians, each bringing his own distinct background for (may it be world music, rock or free improv), you may expect something quite crazy and Simple Free.

26-29 Film Music Festival (various locations)
Sacrum Profanum barely behind us, another big festival in Krakow takes places with such positions in the program like music by Alberto Iglesias (most known for his collaboration with Pedro Almodovar), music from Matrix movies for  the grand finale and (probably of the most interest for the reades of the blog) Ernst Reijseger performing scores from the Werner Herzog's movies (27.09).

27-28.09 Atos at Piec'ART
A trio with Lucas Acuna (guitar), Goncalo Almeida (double bass) and Wieland Muller. Of the three only Almeida's name is familiar to me (another trio LAMA has appeared on the blog). Vid below sounds maybe bit too elegant for my tastes but still timeworthy.

29.09 Sefardix - Jorgos Skolias, Marcin Oles, Bartlomiej Brat Oles at Alchemia
A poetic mixture of jazz, jewish, world music elements brought together by one of the premier rhythm sections in european jazz and distinct vocalist.

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