Saturday, June 28, 2014

Krakow Jewish Culture Festival musical recommendations.

I wholeheartedly invite you all to absorb all the variety of the festival. Nonetheless, my particular interest goes obviously toward the musical part of the program, and the "off" half of it, rather than classical.

28/29.06 Liron Amram and the Panthers at Barka "Sobieski" (8pm)
As is very common in this cultural circle, Liron Amram, grew surrounded by music, his father being one of the stars of yemenite music. He reinterpretes thoses songs in melodies in the language of 70's dub, electronica and groove. East meets West, etno meets oldschool. Party guaranteed.

30.06 Erik Friedlander "Songs of the Scribes" at Synagoga Tempel (8pm)
This musician is no stranger to any follower of improvised music. Merging classical sound with radical approach, most known for his work with John Zorn (Bark Kohba Sexter, Masada String Trio) but polish listener can remember him as well from the "Chamber Quintet" with Oleś Brothers. The concert will be the european premiere of his solo suite.
A meeting with the artist will be held at 4pm at Cheder Cafe.

30.06-04.07 Midnite Session at Alchemia  (12pm)
A traditional daily late night jam session that will rock Alchemia from the midnite till the early morning hours. Every midnight of the week.

01.07 Daniel Zamir Quartet "Saxophone on the Roof" at Synagoga Tempel (7pm)
"Fiddler on the roof" is one of the most popular musicals ever. Daniel Zamir will challenge the themes from famous score with his jazz quartet.

02.07 Frank London and the Deep Singh : SHARABI at Synagoga Tempel (7pm)
Frank London is one of the key figures to modern jewish scene and to the history of Krakow Jewish Culture Festival. This time he brings in a project that will connect traditional jidysz music, punjabi tradition and deep funk.

02.07 A-Wa at Synagoga Tempel (10pm)
Three angelic voice sisters to reinterpret yemenite desert songs in the key of psychodelia, electronica and trance music. Straight from Israel to Krakow.
A meeting with the band will be held at 4pm at Cheder Cafe.

03.07 Shai Tsabari and the Middle East Groove All Stars at Synagoga Tempel (10pm)
The name says it's all ain't it? Unlimited energy performance.
A meeting with the artist will be held at 4pm at Cheder Cafe.

04.07 Neta Alkayam: Howa Jani at Synagoga Temepl (6pm)
More traditional but not your typical "hava nagila" jewish music. Exotic tunes of Marocco will resonate inside Krakow's temple.

04.07 Mizrachi Party at Alchemia with A-WA, Shai Tsabari and Neta Alkayam (10pm)
Three bands will create an explosive set at Alchemia stage which is sure to be one of the most memorable and most crowded events of the festival.

05.07 Shalom at Szeroka Street (6pm)
A massive open-air event that gathers thousands of people every year. We'll start early in the evening and we'll go through midnight. A marathon of music to celebrate peace and love and cultural diversity. Some of the bands that performed through the week will re-appear. Some others are bound to take stage for the first time. One thing is sure, this will be a beutiful night to remember. And it will take hours to grab anything fast food to eat in the zone.

06.07 The Angelcy at Cheder Cafe (8pm)
A post-scriptum concert. The Angelcy cites at their roots fascination with music by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, history of the cinema and folk traditions from around the world. Lyrical and charming and subtle evening to end the magical week.

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