Thursday, June 19, 2014

Double invite to Galieria i!

Galeria i! is slowly becoming the busiest underground (not literally) space for free improv performances in Krakow, Let me pass the invite for the next two evenings.

20.06 Sympli Romantiko - Denis Kolokol, Ernest Ogorek and Tomek Choloniewski

How it would be to actually touch the sounds or the perceive them as other physical objects? The trio tries to find and answer to that question with Denis Kolokol playing music through body movements along with Krakow's very own Ernest Ogorek on bass and Tomek Choloniewski on drums.

21.06 Institute of Intuition with Kamil Szuszkiewicz

Institute of Intuition will be represented by Rafal Mazur on acoustic bass and Tomek Choloniewski on drums. The guest, for a solo and trio set, will be Kamil Szuszkiewicz on trumpet, whose debut cd "Prologomena" I praised on the blog a while ago. It will be hard to squeeze the concert in between all that'll be goin around during the Wianki - Feast of Music, but it should be definitely worth it.

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