Sunday, November 23, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 24-30.11

It will be difficult to adjust to post-festival reality. Tonight's the last concert of the Krakow's Autumn Jazz and I hope to see you all there. Festival or not though, there's is some music around the next week as well, especially if someone would like to get some rest from jazz related events. The first and the last items on the list are the two musts of the week the way I see it.

24.11 Emiter at Galeria i!
Emiter is a electronic-music magician, one of the most important figures of polish minimal electronica, an artist who finds beauty and melody and rhythm in white noise and cracklings. His solo performances are most highly recommeded.

24.11 Arms And Sleepers at Alchemia
Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic has founded the group in 2006 and they've playing music ever since, the sound is a reminiscent of trip-hop classics and this sounds like a good vibe for a nice chillout evening session.

The Architekt animation from QB Media on Vimeo.

25.11 Hugo Race at Alchemia
Hugo Race was one of the foundind members of the Bad Seeds. And his solo recordings confirm the roots - poetic, moody and dark songwriting, low timbre of voice and melancholic guitar.

26-27.11 Matuesz Kołakowski / Krzysztof Gradziuk at Piec'ART
Mateusz Kołakowski a few years had made a big entrance on polish jazz scene - a teenager only, has participated in a few quite prestigious international compositions playing both classical (Chopin or Bethoven's concertos) and jazz. Krzysztof Gradziuk is definitely among the top jazz drummers in the country, most famous for his work with RGG trio. It might be a very interesting meeting to see.

28.11 Raphael Roginski plays Zion Golam at Cheder Cafe
Roginski was always at the foreground of polish modern jewish music. In fact only few years the term would be basically synonym to his name. The repertoire for the concert will be the music of the Yemenite composer Zion Golam. 

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