Sunday, November 30, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 01-07.12

The last week announcement of the end of festival season was premature. Before we all give to up to the pre-Christmas frenzy we have a week ahead of us that is packed full with concerts and 3(!) festivals. There are some very difficult choices to be made.

The festivals are:
15th Silent Movie Festival - check here for the full program
Re:Source fetival dedicated to avant-electronica
38th Jazz Juniors - the festival includes few heroes of jazz history as well as presents the talents of young band

Given the amount of events I'll be as coincise as possible with the selection below. make sure to check the whole program of the festivals.

02.12 Gogol Bordello at Rotunda
for something completely different, a gypsy-punk band that is bound to rock the night.

04.12 SzaZa at Kino Pod Baranami plays "Berlin : Symphony of Great City" (Silent Movie Festival)
SzaZa is a resourcefull duo to play clarinet, violin and all sorts of percussion, toy instruments and electronics - the music they play can be equally haunting as humorous.

04.12 Sympli Romantiko at Klub RE (RE:Source)
One of the three groups to play the evening, Sympli Romantiko is a curious electro-improvising being with drums (Tomek Choloniewski), bass guitar (Ernest Ogorek) and motion-operated electronics (Denis Kolokol) - a very inspiring to see as it looks like a yoga dance creating waves of musical energy.

05.12 Mikrokolektyw / Huber Zemler / Bartosz Weber at Kino Pod Baranami (Silent Movie Festival)
three seperate performances along the three movies, Mikrokolektyw is surely the best known unit among on the list but the percussion master Zemler and guitar and electronic wizz Bartosz Weber will definitely have some surprises up their sleeves.

05.12 Bartosz Dvorak Quartet and Zbiegniew Namyslowski Quintet at Rotunda (Jazz Juniors)
Bartosz Dvorak is one of the most promising jazz violinist in the country, Namyslowski is one of the giants of polish jazz history. It will be definitely inspiring to see the youngsters share the same stage with the veterans.

06.12 Magic Carpathians at Kino Pod Baranami (Silent Movie Festival)
Weird avant-guarde folk - seems to by a contradiction somewhere in there, which makes it even more fascinating.

06.12 Krzysztof Dys Trio at Piec'ART
Krzysztof Dys has made a very strong impresssion with his playing in Waclaw Zimpel Quartet. The Quartet, played as a duo recently a series of concert in States (since the german half od the band was declined visas).

06.12 Marcin Wasilewski Trio and Rafal Sarnecki Brooklyn Quartet at Rotunda (Jazz Juniors)
Two young polish bands that are gradually increasing international recognition and rightfully so.

07.12 kIRK at Kino Pod Baranmi (Silent Movie Festival)
The indie group from Tri-City that mixes electronics, rock, new wave and jazz and has reached a sort of underground cult status.

07.12 Bennie Maupin Quartet at Rotuna (Jazz Juniors)
No need to introduce the guy responsible for the funky clarinet lines of the Headhunters.

07.12 TOM Trio at Piec'ART (Jazz Juniors)
Tomasz Dabrowski has become one of the most important on polish jazz scene and his collaborations with Tyshawn Sorey or Kris Davis and Andrew Drury prove him to be a very intriguing improviser and composer. TOM trio is a working band and it should be great to see how fare they've gone since the debut album.

07.12 DVA at Klub RE
One of my favourite bands from outside the realm of jazz - the Czech duo mixes acoustic instruments with infintie loops, samples, beat-box  - boundless immagination and sense of humour - pure joy to see.

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