Sunday, December 7, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 08-14.12

The festival-packed weekend is over, it is a fool's hope though to get any rest before Christmas time. No special events, no festivals but Krakow is still up to the task of feeling your evenings with good live music this week.
The latter half of the week will satisfy abundantly indie-rock audience who should check the 11.12 date in Alchemia, Piekny Pies and Kolanko, while those less rock-oriented listeners (me included) can follow the competition for the most inspired rock band name (The Gentle Art Of Cooking People steals the 1st prize in my opinion).

08-09.11 Kołakowski : Wykpisz : Korelus at Piec'ART
The piano trio will explore how the music theory of Arnold Schonberg works in improvised context. Will the band be able to close the gap between classical music and jazz?

09.11 Institute of Intuition with Herman Muntzing at Galeria i!
Herman Muntzing sculpts the sounds out of most mundane objects. The previous collaboration with Institute of Intuition resulted in a wild and inspiring musical trip.

10.12 The Flash! in Piec'ART
The Flash! are Slawek Pezda, Kuba Dworak and Max Olszewski and their music is a mixture of free jazz, punk, rock'n'roll and noise. Melodic madness that should be a load of fun.

10.12 Baaba at Alchemia
A peculiar bunch led by Bartosz Weber and Tomasz Duda. Baaba has always lived on the verge of post-jazz, post-rock and quirky electronica. They've done projects to commemorate the polish beat era music, Iron Maiden or the classic Polanski's movie "Fearles Vampire Killers". Baaba is back now with a new original program.

11.12 Sefardix in Piec'ART
Jorgos Skolias with Bartlomiej Brat Oles and Marcin Oles will interpret the musical word of sephardic tradition. The project has been recently among the most succesfull ethno-jazz and jewish related musical projects. High recommendation.

11.12 Bad Light District / Citizen Women There at Kolanko
Bad Light District is a Krakow based band that has stirred the national indie rock scene a few times, now back with a whole new cd.

13.12 Daniel Spaleniak / Natalie & The Loners at Piekny Pies
Two nostalgic acts for those who don't want to give in to the cheerful christmas spirit yet.

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  1. Is this jazz festival a "Krakow-bands-only" thing? The reason I ask is that, back in around 2005-05, before I started my own music review blog (Independent Review), I was writing for another publication: REVIEWER Magazine. On one occasion, when I happened to be receiving a new batch of CDs for review, I happened to get this one album, called CERKNO, by a great musician, Szilard Mezei - he played the viola, which may seem strange for a jazz combo, but, when listening to it he and his band mates got on famously - music-wise, I mean; they were very good, some of their stuff could really make one lose oneself in the music. Besides the viola, there was also a great combo behind Szilard. Woodwinds (sax, clarinet, flute, etc), drums, piano, etc. I also, a couple months later, received a second CD from Mezei & his band, although, I cannot recall the name of that CD just now. So, basically, I just wanted to point out how really groovy Szilard Mezei and his band are. I've been so busy, writing up more and more new independently released CDs, etc, that I just haven't had a chance to check up on him to see what he's been up to lately. But if anyone else out there knows anything about whom I'm speaking, they'll know that Mezei's a wonder to listen to. Hope he is appreciated in his home country of Poland. Like I said, I believe he is from the town of Cerkno, since that is what the name of the album I received was called. But, he and his band are anything but provincial - they shine and have a great style that should be able to transcend borders! Happy listening and have a groovy time at the Krakow Jazz Fest! -km


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