Monday, June 29, 2015

25th Krakow Jewish Culture Festival - 2nd week

And the 2nd week of the festival begins today. Lots and lots of great music awaits you.

Important notes - events at Dajwor are open-air and free admission
Midnite sessions start at midnight, last often till early morning hours, tickets are 10 PLN
All the concerts from Tempel Synagogue are transmitted live via streaming available on festival's website!

29.06. Frank London, Michael Winograd & Yaako Lemmer - Ahava Raba at Synagogue Tempel (8pm)
Gelada DJ Set - Bob Dylan & other jewish hippies  at Dajwor Quarter (8.30pm)
Frank London & La Mar Enfortuna - Midnite Session at Alchemia
We start with some classic sounds by the festival's omnipresent Frank Longon, Michael Winograd and kantor singer Yaako Lemmer. Alternatively you can listen to the dj set by Yaron Mandelovici. The night will end with more of Frank London and the exquisite La Mar Enfortuna.

30.06. OFF Radio Krakow - Only Vinyl Set DJ Kfjatek & Herbaciarz at Dajwor Quarter (8.30pm)
La Mar Enfortuna at Synagogue Tempel (10pm)
The Klezmatics & Guests - Midnite Session at Alchemia
Two diggers behind the decks wchich means more funky, etno rare grooves from vinyls. The evening continue with the graceful sounds by La Mar Enfortuna led by Oeren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles who will tackle the sephardic tradition of Andalusia. The night will end with a crazy klezmer jam led by The Klezmatics (who have their own concert at Synagoge Tempel as well at 7pm).

01.07. Alte Zachen at Synagogue Tempel (7pm)
Chris Silver DJ Set - Sheikh it Baby at Dajwor Quarter (8.30pm)
Shai Tsabari & The Future Orchestra feat. Ahuva Ozeri at Synagogue Tempel (10pm)
Alte Zachen & Kutiman - Midnite Session at Alchemia
The busiest day of the week, especially with Szmanda / Wojcinski Quartet and Elysian Fields (with Oeren Bloedow) added to the mix. Anyway one starts with jewish surf rock courtesy of Alte Zachen and then can alternate between between improv jazz (Szmanda / Wojcinski), melancholy rock (Elysian Fields), maroccan grooves (Sheikh it baby), oriental mizrahit grooves by the Future Orchestra any Shai Tsabari (a monster vocalist on stage) and one ends the evening with more surf craziness with Alte Zachen and Kutiman. Phew.

02.07. Shlomo Bar & Habreera Hativeet at Synagoge Tempel (7pm)
Garden City Movement at Dajwor Quarter (8.30pm)
Kutiman Orchestra at Synagogue Tempel (10pm)
Shai Tsabari & Shlomo Bar - Midnite Session at Alchemia
Shlomo Bar with his band were among the first mix elements of sephardic with both western and easter (arabic) elements. Garden City Movement follows with some spacious and hypnotic electronica grooves. The funky psychodelia by Kutiman Orchestra could well prove to be one of the best concerts of the festival (their bandcamp sample of the new vinyl release Space Cassava sounds quite awesome). The night will end with two master vocalists Shai Tsabari and Shlomo Bar meeting in Alchemia - the alchemistry should be there as well.

03.07. David Krakauer & Ancestral Groove at Synagogue Tempel (6pm)
Bemet at Alchemia (11pm)
David Krakauer (who keeps Krakow not only in his ancestor's history by directly in his family name) is one of the most acknowledged clarinetits of modern wold. Ancestral Groove will find the traditional clarinet klezmer tone mixed with a funky line-up and live DJing which should be an immense fun.
Bemet is a far out-there strange duo line-up of keyboards (or keytars) and drums that mixes in a musical stew rock, psychodelia, heavy disco, jazz, etno and more.

04.07 SHALOM
The Grande Finale, the multihour long marathon of music, nicknamed Jewish Woodstock. Some of the bands that have appeared earlier in the week might come back, some other will play, one thing is sure - Shalom at Szeroka street remains a magical night in Krakow.

05.07 Lola Marsh at Cheder Cafe (8pm)
And we come to the end. The final concert of the festival is Lola Marsh, a folk pop duet which has performed on the acclaimed festivals Primavera Sound and Pohoda. The sound of nostalgia which will only foreshadow the nostalgia for the Jewish Culture Festival after it's over and we'll need to wait whole year for the next one.

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