Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Jazz Alchemist Radio with Little, Scott and Frank

Tomorrow we will remember Scott LaFaro and Little Booker - two incredible musicians that died at a very young age. Also birthday of Frank Gratkowski. at 8pm CET. see you :)

1. Bill Evans Trio - Gloria's Step (take 2) (Scott LaFaro's birthday on 03.04)
2. Booker Little - We Speak (Booker's birthday on 02.04)
3. Frank Gratkowski Quartet - Annaherungen III (Frank's birthday on 30.03)
4. Max Roach - Freedom Day
5. Bill Evans Trio - Jade's Vision
6. Eric Dolphy - Fire Waltz
7. Frank Gratkowski Trio - Senga
8. Ornette Coleman - The Alchemy of Scott LaFaro
9. Frank Gratkowski Trio - Three Vegetables for Double Happiness
10. Bill Evans Trio - Some Other Time
11. Booker Little - Man of Words
12. Bill Evans Trio - My Romance (take 1)

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