Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mikolaj Trzaska - Rafal Mazur Duo at Klub Bomba (12.03)

by K. Penarski
I've been long waiting for a serious free-jazz concert and here it was. Two amongst my favourite musicians, intimate do setting, what else to desire? The problem is that Bomba is a very specific place, not exactly fit for live music venue, with just a small improvised stage, no real audience space. While listeners filled the floor around the musicians and stairway, there were also many people around not really interested in the music, chattering, laughing, drinking, disturbing those who came specifically to see the concert.

by K. Penarski
I had a hard time focusing on music, taking notes and trying to nevermind the chattering noise,  but the musicians delved right into the world of sound and managed to create somehow of a parallel reality, coexisting, completely autonomic. Only when I stopped taking notes I managed to separate myself from the casual sounds around and focus on the music delievered from the stage.

Mikolaj has long been one of my favourite sax players, tremendously agile, adventorous, completely free at his playing. And with thise sense of melody that is really quite unique. His playing is now completely mature, a sign of a true master, whether screaming, whispering, playing with this emotional delicacy, gentle cry, raw power and jazzy swagger. Rafal is an extremely gifted musician, fabulous cohort, closely listening, he underscores the lineage of sax melodies, he can play dense and blurry lines, powerfull riffs, as much as distinct and selective bass lines. He's almost telepathic when it comes to reacting to the musicians around him.

Together they create music that is intense, focused, free yet with a strong sense of cohesity, of direction. That travels effortlessly within a dynamic range of scream and whisper, and within the musical traditions of a jazz standard, jewish song, hushed lullaby, raging war song, free jazz and free improv.

This duo has developed a clear chemistry. I had seen their first concert (summer last year if I recall correctly), the trio concert with Tim Daisy (written about it here). And I'm hoping to see them again soon, possibly with a new cd in hand.

Rafal Mazur - electro-acoustic bass guitar
Mikolaj Trzaska - alto sax, tarogato

Klub Bomba; Krakow. 12.03

the video comes from the very first concert of Rafal Mazur and Mikola Trzaska together.


  1. We promise that the next session will be organized better and without disturbances. Please forget the debutantes :)
    and hope to see you april 12th for the next Jazz in Bomba.
    all the best
    bomba crew

  2. 14 of April!!! Trio Belorukov/Górka/Mazur. Take care!!
    Rafal Mazur

  3. All will be forgiven :) Rome wasn't built in a day


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