Monday, March 7, 2011

Jazz Alchemist radio with Peter, Ornette and Thomas

After a long break I'm glad to be back. Tonight we'll celebrate birthdays of two giants of free-jazz - Ornette Coleman and Peter Brotzmann - representing the American and European ways of improvisation. Also birthdays of Michael Jeffry Stevens, Roy Haynes, Alexander von Schlippenbach (although not sure so far if I'll manage to fit them all into the playlist). And a special feature - piece from freshly released "Kafka in Flight' by the Vandermark-led Resonance, the review will appear in the very next days.
(edit - forgot to enlist Thomas Chapin)

So at 8 pm CET stay tuned to and log on to facebook chat.

playlist will be posted below during the program:

1. Ornette Coleman Quartet - Tomorrow is the Question
2. Thomas Chapin Trio - Bypass
3. Peter Brotzmann / Joe McPhee - Stone Poem No. 1
4. Ornette Coleman Quartet - Eventually
5. Thomas Chapin Trio - Lift Off
6. Die Like a Dog Quartet - track 4 (from Ayoama Crows)
7. Ornette Coleman Quartet - Blues Connotation
8. Thomas Chapin Trio - Foxwoods Stomp
9. Peter Brotzmann / William Parker / Hamid Drake - Halfhearted Beant
10. Ornette Coleman - Turnaround (from "Sound Grammar")
11. Thomas Chapin Trio + Brass - Insomnia
12. Sonore (Peter Brotzmann / Mats Gustafsson / Ken Vandermark) - Two Birds in a Feather
13. Peter Brotzmann / Fred Hopkins / Rashied Ali - Two Birds in a Feather1
14. Ken Vandermark Resonance - The Pier (for Yutaka Takanashi)

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