Saturday, January 5, 2013

Claudio Guida & Marcello Testa - One Plus One. Platrom One [dEN]

Claudio Guida - saxophones
Marcello Testa - double bass

dEN Records 2012

I'm very happy that dEN records' owner Stefano Ferrian brought this recording to Krakow on the occasion of his internation improv tour last autumn. Claudio Guida and Marcello Testa created a duo album that takes you by surprise in many delightfull ways.

The music flows easily, natural and melodic. "Saxobit" takes off with a repetitive melody of the gently struck bass strings, adds mystery and space with a psychodelic echoes and slight use of electronics in the second half. "Norwegian Wood" features a delicate sound of soprano that glides just over the notes. The last on the album "Eclipse" is structured the opposite way, from the eerie and airy electronic echoes to a simply and touching melody. The strong and clear tenor sax on "Michel's Present" along with the steady bass walking brings blues feeling. The haunting and sensual like a tango "No Sad Title Found" glides like a dancing pair. Each of the 11 tracks, short and coincise, has its own charm.
The duo's music shares a particular clarity of vision, . I love the majestic and deep bass sound, the melodic lines that are laid thoughtfully and tastefully, the clarity of sound and emotion. There's some brilliant music here dive into.
Very recommended, possibly one of the best debuts of the year.

some tracks from the cd are presented in this radio playlist.

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