Sunday, February 16, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 17-23.02

Enjoy the free week and prepare for the weekend as things get busy with a bit of americana, indie rock and, for the after-relax, bit of mainstream jazz.

20.02 Marcin Masecki plays Scarlatti at Bomba
Masecki is one of the most original piano voices of new generaliton. Post-modern, post-intellectual or post-trivial. His deconstruction of Scarlatti's sonatas are definitely worth hearing.

20.02 Teddy Jr and the Undertakers at Piekny Pies
Songs of of love, life and frustration by Teddy and the band who will be trying to collect money to release their first album.

21.02 Krakow Street Band at Alchemia
Street band will cover from the cold in the celllar and it will be sure a lot of fun.

22.02 Organizm + Bad Light District in Alchemia
Two young polish indie bands will perform together. The concert will be a chance to hear the new material wchich will be featured on the new albums the bands are working on.

23.02 Wylezol / Kowalewski / Zyta - Standards night at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Piano trio, jazz standards - it's been done probably thousands of times but from these three gentlemen you might expect it will be done with taste and class.

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