Sunday, February 23, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 24.02-02.03

Slow start this week but once again, as weekend comes, there's abundance of choices and a certain headache for those torn between them.

27.02 The Silver Owls, Dżindżer Project, By Proxy at Alchemia
The shared initiative by the Krakowska Scena Muzyczna (association that promotes Krakow based bands) and students from the Culture Managament department, three completely different bands put together, dream-americana by The Silver Owls, groovy and smooth Dzindzer projekt and heavy electronica by By Proxy. Everyone should find something to his liking.

28.02/01.03 The Melody Book - Gianni Gebbia and Diego Spitaleri in Piec'ART
Gianni Gebbia has made has played with some heavyweights of improvisation, but the particular project seems to have a very different focus. Should be entertaining.

01.03 The Stubs, Kaseciarz, Wild Books at Alchemia
Rock'n'roll, surf, garage sound, lot of fuzzy guitars and whole lot of fun with three young and wild bands gathered together by the Instant Classic label.

01.03 Nowicki / Swies / Frankiewicz Trio at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
One of the most promising mainstream jazz debuts recently was "Pathfinder Trio" released by Multikulti, a piano-less trio rooted deep in the jazz tradition but looking brave into the future. A strong voice on polish jazz scene.

02.03 Kuba Pluzek Trio at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Kuba Pluzek is one of the most active players on Krakow young jazz scene and he has just released his debut cd. The trio will consist of Szymon Mika on guitar and Alan Wykpisz on bass and some progressive jazz music is to be expected.

02.03 Marek Pospieszalski / Oskar Toroko / Max Mucha / Max Andrzejewski at Piekny Pies
The frontline of this quartet is known from the Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet, capable both of playing some gritty energetic jazz as well as watered down smooth. Which means there's no certain way to know which direction the quartet will follow but the lack of piano and presence of young and willing rhythm section should open the things up a little. There's defintiely a lot of potential in this quartet.

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