Sunday, March 2, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 03-09.03

You can lay low the first few days and gather your strengths because the latter half of the week is pretty much a concert mini-marathon with a two difficult choices to be made for the days 05 and 09.

05.03 Low Roar and JOGA at Alchemia
For something completely different. Low Roar is a solo project by Ryan Karazij, an American living in Iceland, the music is hypnotic, touching and very personal. Emotional but never oversweet.

Low Roar will be supported by Joga, a polish duet, inspired by the scandinavian, adding a soulful, personal touch to it.

05.03 MK Kvadrat at Piec'ART
Maciej Kadziela on sax will lead the charge with a brilliant section of Mateusz Gaweda and Ksawery Wojcinski and Pawel Szpura (the latter two, playing together in HERA quartet, should need no introduction to the blog's readers). The main influence is hard-bop tradition but you can be sure it will have a lot of bite in it, the clip below, with a different group, show's quite clearly Kadziela is fond of rock music as well.

06.03 George Dorn Screams at Klub Re
For a bit of rock. One of the premier indie bands in Poland, melancholic, melodic but with a lot of dirt noise inbetween.

07.03 Saagara at Alchemia
Waclaw Zimpel's fascinations with various ethnic music traditions has been long known and exploited on his albums. He'll play with three Indian musicians, and I believe you can expect wonders. He'll present his companions himself in the video below.

08.03 Same Suki at Piekny Pies
Same Suki present a radical, modern and emancipated take on folk tradition (one of the main instrument is the stringed suka, which, in the modern language transalates as "bitch", interesting fact - wikipedia claims that the instrument is extinct. seems it has resurrected). A concert by the band named "bitches only" seems like a proper way to celebrate Women's Day.

09.03 J.A.S.S. Trio at Alchemia
Violin, double bass and drums with a hint of electronica. J.A.S.S. Trio are Stanislaw Slowinski, Justyn Malodobry and Adam Stepniowski exploring their interests in film music, improvisation, ambient and more. "Kosmodrom", released last November, is a attention-grabbing debut.

09.03 Voo Voo and Trebunie Tutki at Forty Kleparz
Voo Voo is a long-living rock band, led by Wojciech Waglewski. The band is nearing their 30th birthday anniversary and there has been many "phases" in their history, the collaboration with tradition high-mountain folk band Trebunie Tutki, interpreting worlds by the polish priest and philosopher Joseph Tischner is among the most adventurous they ever did.

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