Sunday, March 30, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 31.03-06.04

After a very busy week (Remont Pomp with Mike Majkowski and Mikolaj Trzaska was exhilirating!), the following one is a bit more relaxing, no jazz, no improv, but still there's some musical fun to get.

03.04 Voo Voo i Trebunie Tutki at Forty Kleparz
I actually already announced this concert, it had to be rescheduled so he we go again - two groups coming from completely different backgrouds will pay tribute to the words of wisdom from the polish priest and philosopher Jozef Tischner.

04.04 Psychocukier at Piekny Pies
For something completely different. Psychocukier looks retro and sounds dirty. For a little bit of garage fun.

04.04 Check out the Groove vol. 2 - Wake Up & Kejt at Alchemia
100% Vinyl friday night party. It looks like there will be a lot a grooves to enjoy and dance your ass off.

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