Sunday, March 23, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 24-30.03

A busy week ahead of us with a few difficult choices to make. Concerts that will make you laugh, chill out but a few challenging ones as well. Gather your strength. Spring has come.

25-26.03 Noontide at Piec'ART
A violin - bass - drums trio led by Piotr Poludniak, the bassplayer of PeGaPoFo quartet among others, featuring Bartosz Dworak on violin and Dominik Niewinski on drums. No samples available on the web for the pre-view but violin trios are unusual so this could get interesting.

26.03 Miazsz at Alchemia
Folk, comedy, reggae, rock, jazz - an infinite mix that's bound to make you smile. There few musical groups as honestly funny as Miąższ (no way I'll try to explaing how it's pronounced). The downside is half of the fun is hidden in the polish lyrics. But even english speakers only should enjoy the joyfuyll melodys and the abstract rhymes.

26.03 Kapital / Stara Rzeka / X-Navi:ET at Klub RE
For a little bit of experimental electronica. Rafal Iwanski (X-Navi:ET) and Kuba Ziolek (Stara Rzeka) will join their forces to create psychodelic, amalgamatic soundscape. Non lover of electronica should miss this.

27.03 SamBar at Alchemia
SamBar is a baritone sax duo created by Paulina Owczarek (Krakow) and Tomek Gadecki (Gdans). A south-north polish duo has just released a cd under the Not Two label (which, although based in Krakow, rarely publishes polish musicians). The duo played a short set during the last year Krakow Autumn Jazz that showed a huge potential in the two baritone's meeting.

27.03 Natalia Przybysz with Natalalu at Piekny Pies
For a little bit of soul. Natalia Przybysz, half of the popular Sistars duo, with her second solo project, explores more acoustic side of soul, nevertheless some funk is to be expected.

28.03 Tamara Aphek at Alchemia (w. support The Saturday Tea)
Tamara Aphek plays in the recognized Israeli indie bands Carrousel and Shoshana, this time with a solo project that supposed to release their debut EP just now. Some noisy rock'n'roll is bound to happen.

28.03 Remont Pomp with Mikolaj Trzaska and Mike Majkowski at Klub RE
Mikolaj happened to mention this project in the interview a while ago:
Tomorrow I go back to Warsaw and I record with a group of handicapped people and a marvelous bass player from Australia, Mike Majkowski, total, I don't know if you have heard him, check him out on YouTube, a wonderful guy, he's incredible. I've been working with handicapped people for a while now. You can get so much from those guys, their understanding, their sensibility, the way they feel free music is incredible. They play everything, fro  drums to everyday common-use objects. It's a wonderful story.
Enough Said.

29.03 Buba Kuyatech & Look Sabat - Magic at Midnight at Alchemia
A peaceful musical journey to end the week with the two wonderful ethnic instruments - african 21-strings kora and armenian reed duduk.

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