Monday, October 13, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 13-19.10

With yesterday's concert by Ab Baars and Zlatko Kaucic (a strong performance I might add) we hit a brief pause in the Krakow Jazz Autumn program (we reboot with DKV + The Thing double trio night on 1.11).
Strangely enough though, the following week is on the busiest in a while with a plenty of interesting music to offer.

13-19.10 Unsound Festival 2014 - The Dream. Unsound is an international festival, with most focus on modern electronic music. I'm unfamiliar with many names, but this is one of the festival that puts a quality stamp of approval anytime an artist has a spot on a list. Lovers of the improvisation will find their share on the program.

13.10 Collective at Piec'ART
I've already wrote about the group last week. A quartet with stellar players - Piotr Damasiewicz, Michal Gorczynski, Ksawery Wojcinski and Wieland Moller.

13.10 Ircha Clarinet Quartet with Remont Pomp at Manghha (Unsound Festival)
Remont Pomp is an unique percussion ensemble, Trzaska's been collaborating with them for a while now and he's bringing the Clarinet Quartet for the Unsound Festival and it will be initeresting to see them depict the festival's theme - The Dream.

14.10 Hanna Paulsberg Concept at Piec'ART
Piec'ART is somehow a venue to bring a lot of talent coming from Scandinavia to Krakow. Most of those band had not yet a name for themselves but I'm posivite many will. Scandinavia's youth jazz is bringing many positive surprises and Hanna Paulsber might be one of them.

14.10 Myra Ros & Elin Ey at Alchemia
The evening to prove that there's more music coming from Iceland than Sigur Ros and to please all the fans of the old craft of songwriting.

15.10 Jacek Mazurkiewicz 3fonia + Gorzycki / Gruchot at Klub RE (Unsound Festival)
Jacek Mazurkiewicz is one of thestrongest voices of the new generation of improvisers. His solo performances connect extensive use of electronics along with extended techniques of playing the double bass.
Gorzycski has been an important hero of both alternative jazz (Sing Sing Penelope) and rock (Something Like Elvis) scene for many years now.
Attention - the Entrance is free but the performances starts very early - 5 pm.

16.10 Jachna / Buhl at Klub RE (Unsound Festival)
A very intriguing electro-acoustic duo. Jachna / Buhl has a fresh release that should satisfy all the lovers of similar and more popular ensembles of Rob Mazurek and a polish duo Mikrokolektyw.
As the day before - the performance starts at 5pm

18.10 Pawel Szamburski "Ceratitis Capitata" at Tak Bylo
Szamburski is a klezmer master, surfing the tunes with bravado and humor (Cukunft, SzaZa). The solo concert is yet a completely different thing, an intimate experience, an important experience. According to Mikolaj Trzaska, Szamburski is in love and that's why he's playing is so inspired now.

18.10 Digit All Love at Alchemia
For something completely different. Digit All Love is a polish ensemble from Wroclaw that merges a beutifull string section with dark electronic and haunting melodies. Their music can be staggeringly enchanting.

19.10 Nicholas Payton Trio at Opera House (prologue to Zaduszki Jazzowe)
A big jazz name that needs no introduction. Additionally, the fact the New Orlean's trumpet player will play in just a trio makes this concert even more intriguing.

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