Monday, October 20, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 20-26.10

While we're awaiting impiatiently for November to kick off with The Thing & DKV there is no shortage of good concerts in Krakow. Ve have improv, electro, garage rock, funky, ethno and stuff for the week.

20.10. Institute of Intuition with Yedo Gibson & Vasco Trilla at Galeria i!
Two improv artists from Spain will perform with the Institute and, the day after, with its guitar player Michal Dymny. (Note all galeria i! concerts start at 7pm)

20.10 Rimbaud - Budzynski / Trzaska / Jaceszek at Alchemia (Conrad Festival).
A kind of unusual meeting between the world of free jazz, modern electronica and poetic rock.

20-21.10 Princessleatrio at Piec Art
I'm telling you Scandinavian scene is booming, another young freely melodic group that sounds really intriguing.


21.10 Yedo Gibson / Vasco Trilla / Michal Dymny at Alchemia
Vid sample of Yedo and Vasco above.

21.10 Pawel Kaczmarczyk Direction In Music - Headhunters at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Pawel Kaczmarczyk playing tribute to the godfathers of funky-jazz.

22.10 veRmulsCHt Trio at Galeria i!
Video and sound field recordings and two saxophones. Sounds really good.

22.10 Kaseciarz videoclip release concert at Alchemia
A dirty post-garage-surf-rock group from Krakow.

25.10 Nat Osborn Band at Alchamia
The brassy and funky mixture of soul, rock and New Orlean jazz seems to be a perfect recipe for Saturday evening.

26.10 Paulina Owczarek solo at galeria i!
Baritone saxophone afficionados should be satisfied

26.10 Koralova Quartet at Alchemia
A beatiful sound of kora surrounded by cello, sax and drums. A musical journey

26.10 Kuba Pluzek Trio at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
And for something completely jazzy. A modern mainstream piano trio that actually sounds cool.

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