Sunday, October 26, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 27.10-02.11

November begins and we all know what it means - pumpkin pies, horror movies and jazz festivals in Poland. There is "stuff" happening in Poznan, Bielsko-Biala, Wroclaw, Tri-city, Silesia and last but not least Krakow. And the concert on November the 1st should nail it. The free freak fans need to wait patiently for Saturday, while the more moderate jazz listeners have their fair share of worthwile mainstream gigs as well.

28.10 VEIN at Piec'ART
An austrian ensemble, very convincing in trying to continue and develop the fine tradition of piano trio, you can find a short review of two of their releases as well as an interview with Michael Arbenz who plays the piano. VEIN's journey through jazz history (from ragtime to modern post-bop) is definitely a pleasure to join.

29.10 Scratch Nerds at Alchemia
A free and open session for all vinyl freaks and scratch nerds around.

31.10 & 2.11 Kuba Pluzek Trio at Piec'ART
Kuba Pluzek with Mike Parker and Patryk Dobosz, anyone who's following Krakow jazz scene needs to be familiar with the names.

01.11 DKV & The Thing at Manghha (Krakow Autumn Jazz)
Any introduction needed? Two of the most accomplished sax trios, a manifestation of raw creativity with Ken, Hamid, Kent, Mats, Paal and Ingebright - this will be a jazz vesion fo the clash of the Titans. Even though all the musicians frequently collaborate with others in a veriety of settings, this will the first meetings of the two trios!
(the recording below presents a meeting of DKV with AALY trio - the latter being consisting of Mats, Ingebright and Kjell Nordeson).

02.11 Gaweda Parker & Palka Trio - Standards Night at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Similarly to the Kuba Pluzek concerts of the week this should be a fine performance of modern jazz. Matuesz Gaweda will perform during the Krakow Autumn Jazz with Slawek Pezda as part of the polish free jazz scene presentation.

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