Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kraków Concert Schedule 13-19.04

Clear your schedules this week for those couple of events. A lot of good music is coming your way.

14.04 Daisy / Dickaty / Wojcinski Trio at Alchemia
I'm having very high hopes for this one. Tim Daisy has been one of the top drummers of the busy Chicago free jazz scene and has visited Alchemia plenty of times. Ray Dickaty is one of the strongholders of Warsaw improvising scene,a true activist of free music. Ksawery Wojcinski's lays the bass foundation like few others, Charles Gayle's bass player of choice.

14.04 Simple Free at Piec'ART
Wlodzimierz Kinior Kiniorski is in a way a guru, the wise man of polish avant jazz. Simple Free music is an energizing mix of heavy drumming, crazy sax wailing, rambling bass (courtesy of Rafal Mazur). So far I've seen the band only as a trio with Jakub Rutkowski behind the drum set. In Piec'ART they will perform as quintet with Waldemar Golebski on synth, Pawel Prochniewski od guitar and Piotr Wolski on drums. Should be free and fusion.

15/16.04 Peripheral Vision at Piec'ART
Canada is sort of an undiscovered land when it comes to jazz music. And, the few snippets of the music I had (some of which written about on the blog) lead to believe there's a vibrant jazz scene in both Toronto and Vancouver and Peripheral Vision seems to be yet another prove of that.

18.04 Pawel Kaczmarczyk Directions In Music - Weather Report at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Yet another installment of the tribute series, this time Pawel and his crew will tackle the repertoire by the legenday fusion band Weather Report.
Way before all the "birdland" hits the group made this spaced out masterpiece:

19.04 Sholash at Piec'ART
Sholash is a classic piano trio that sounds absolutely modern, inspired both by Israel roots and New York postmodernism. Rock, jazz, electronic, classical and folk - it all comes together somehow. Sounds very very intriguing.

18.04 Record Store Day at Piekny Pies
19.04 Record Store Day at Forum Przestrzenie
International celebration of indepented labels, record stores, collectors and virutally all fans of music. Double celebration for the whole weekend. Come, browse throught the shelfs and discover new music.

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