Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kraków Concert Schedule 21.04 - 28.04

I'll cross the week line with this one but it's impossible to cut the list short of Monday and Tuesday concerts. Thanks to Starzy i Mlodzi czy Jazz w Krakowie and rugular activity be venues like Alchemia and Piec'ART we have a very busy days ahead of us.

21/22.04 Gorilla Mask at Piec'ART
Under this intriguing name hides a trio made by Peter Van Huffel on sax, Roland Fidezius on bass and Rudi Fischerlerner. The trio promises a free jazz, punk and metal mix.

22.04 Kinior Reggae Sound at Piekny Pies
Songs by Breakout and Tadeusz Nalepa (polish blues rock artists of cult status) in jamaican rhythms. Feel the vibe.

22-25.04 L'a Banda Joe at Alchemia
Drum'n'Brass is how the crazy french ensemble calls their music, frequent visitors to Alchemia. The party starts at 10pm each night. The group will most definitely make you move your body with their crazy mix of funky covers and original material.

25.04 Kevin Mahogany at Piec'ART
One of the few genuinely classy male vocalists in jazz music, one of the biggest names to appear in Piec'ART in the recent times who should please all the fans of swinging tunes and low smooth as silk voices.

25.04 Tamara Aphek at Alchemia
For something completety different - crazy punk'n'roll guitars and screaming vocals - Tamara's Aphek (known from indie groups Shoshana and Carusell) on stage is a spectacle to see and hear.

Starzy i Mlodzi czy Jazz w Krakowie (concerts in "Sztuka" st John street 6 except noted)
24.04 Dave Douglas High Risk Electric Group (Radio Krakow)
25.04 Piotr Wojtasik Feel Free
26.04 Adam Pierończyk Migratory Poets feat. Anthony Joseph
27.04 PeGaPoFo (Slawek Pezda - sax, Mateusz Gaweda - p, Piotr Poludniak - b, Dawid Fortuna -dr)
28.04 N.S.I Quartet (Cyprian Baszczynski - tr, Bartek Prucnal - sax, Max Mucha - b, Dawid Fortuna - dr)

The Festival's program is very solid with and features jazz that balances the fine line between modern mainstream and free jazz, the fesitval will also do justice by its name (Old and Young ones - Jazz in Cracow) and will present veteran stars of the scene and two groups that have made a great entrance onto polish jazz scene recently. I'm very excited to see Dave Douglas's electric group but also Piotr Wojtasik whose quintet will feature John Betsch and Bobby Few (!) as well as Pieronczyk's experiments with spoken word (usually not my cup of tea but his tribute to poetry of Taduesz Gajcy is a rare exception) and last but not least the young Krakow based groups - the classic sax - piano  quartet PeGaPoFo and sax - trumpet line-up by NSI.

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