Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Barry Guy New Orchestra week - introduction

The project to which I will refer from now on as the 'Barry Guy week in Krakow" started today and what a start it was!
Barry Guy - photo by Krzysztof Penarski

To introduce the whole thing shortly: Barry Guy New Orchestra is one of the few big groups in avant-garde/free-jazz idiom, and is composed by the true masters of the genre. Evan Parker, Mats Gustafsson, Hans Koch reeds, Herb Robertson, Johannes Bauer, Per-Ake Holmlander brass instruments, Augusti Fernandez on piano, both Raymond Strid and Paul Lytton on drums and the leader himself on bass.
The central point of the week and the whole festival is the final concert (Saturday) when the band (with Trevor Watts and Maya Homburger as guest soloists) will perform among others the new piece composed specifically for the festival and the celebration of 10th anniversary of the band existing. Before that though, through 4 evenings, small groups of any number of musicians from the ones listed above (mainly ones with established history of playing together, some created ad hoc) will play music in Alchemia club. Each night divided into 3 sets of music.

As I predicted, these notes will be basically a poor attempt to present some very fresh impressions, not anything overly analytic and thought-over. Mainly to get those out of my system and make space for the new ones to come the next evening.

The whole week was also introduced yesterday (and re-played today) on studenckie radio frycz with following playlist

1 Satoko Fujii Ma-Do - Ripple Mark
2 Maciej Obara / John Lindberg / Harvey Sorgen MaMuGe 3 - T'wixt D and E
3 Maya Homburger / Barry Guy - Annunciation
4 Maya Hombuerger - Celebration (compostion - Barry Guy)
5 Mats Gustafsson / Barry Guy / Raymond Strid - Taku
6 Conrad Bauer / Johannes Bauer - Dialog 2
7 Per-Ake Holmlander - Down and Ups
8 Herb Robertson / Tom Sayek - X-Rays
9 Augusti Fernandez / Barry Guy / Ramond Lopez - Odyssey
11 Hans Koch / Roger Turner - untitled
12 Barry Guy -  Sleep Leaper (solo piece from the duo album with Mats "Sinners, rather than Saints")
13 Evan Parker / Barry Guy / Paul Lytton - Zafiro ID 10 Encore
14 Barry Guy New Orchestra - Inscape/Tableux Part VII

additional note

happy birtdhay to Roswell Rudd and Lisle Ellis :) !

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