Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bydgoszcz - Mozg (Brain) Festival, Barry & Maya; The Fat is Gone

Because of the conjuncture of some adversary, if very small incidents I wasn't able to get to Bydgoszcz as planned. Still the pics (that would accompany the text written about the gig) were already selected so I decided to post them anyway. As usually, courtesy of Krzysztof Penarski :)

Maya Homburger & Barry Guy (at Alchemia last year)

Also those guys will play - The Fat is Gone : Peter Brotzmann, Mats Gustafsson, Paal Nilssen-Love. (Pics coming from different concerts at Alchemia)

So I would not kick myself too much about missed opportunity to see those musicians play again I'm going to free impro session at Eszeweria which could get interesting and will probably be written about tomorrow.

and additionally:
Birthday of Jimi Hendrix today! No introduction needed. While they're have been few 'jazz' tribute albums or cover versions of Hendrix songs (Gil Evans comes to mind), most of those that I've heard, miss the point and engage in some guitar pyrotechnics and have lost completely the energy of Hendrix performance. Great exception and example how a cover can be successful are Mina Agossi's takes on Jimi's songs, original enough, passionate, groovy and the vocal impressions of guitar distortion solos are fun :).

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