Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hi everyone! This is going to be a crazy week :)

Hi everyone!
So i decided to start a blog.
Not sure yet whether it will be done in english or in polish so i will start with english and see how it goes. Also not sure yet what kind of contents will it be composed of. It will be most probably some musical sketches that are too long to put them on facebook, yet written in those moments directly after the experience of new music on stage or cd when you feel you have to say something about it, even if it won't be well-thought-of and profound as it should be. Longer and proper reviews in polish will still go on magnetoffon . info website which is dedicated to general alternative scene.
(Edit 19.01.2011 - the blog stays english and the url address is changed from jazzowyalchemik to jazzalchemist; the focus is pretty much the same - concerts and cds)

This blog will be dedicated to jazz / free improvisation / avant'garde music. Or at least so i plan to do.

It will be more or less complementary to the short status updates on jazzowy alchemik facebook profile
And the jazzowy alchemik radio program which is hosted on Student's Radio Frycz every monday at 8.00 pm CET (www.radiofrycz.pl music playlist with commentary in polish).
(Edit 19.01.2010 I shoud say now that the facebook profile is complementary to this blog :) )

Last but not least the main impulse to start this blog is the beginning of an amazing week in Krakow - the main project of 5th edition of Autumn Jazz Festival in Krakow - Barry Guy New Orchestra with 4 days of concerts in small groups at Alchemia club, and a final concert with the whole crew on Saturday. And i have a strong feeling that this week should be blogged about. There won't be any time to write some decent article on day-to-day basis, and still facebook status update will definitely not be enough.

So without further ado, the Barry Guy New Orchestra week, started unofficially yesterday with ....
Satoko Fujii Kaze Quartet and the concert entitled Chopin Noise, more on which in the next post :)

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  1. Hi Bartek,

    Great initiative. I look forward to read more from you.

    All the best


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