Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chlopcy Kontra Basia Trio at Lokator (12.02)

I wrote recently about this group here (although the previous performance was done in a duo setting) so just a quick resume.

Jazzed up and hip and modern take on folk tradition with voice / bit of clarinet, bass, percussion. Groovy and catchy bass lines, witty and sexy folk-culture-inspired lyrics (surprising how the 'folk' and 'sexy' can be used in the same sentence). Compared to a duo performance, this did have more kick, more drive to it, very high foot-tapping factor. It is after all, in the essence, drum & bass music and drum&bass drumming is sped up funk rhythm.  The repertoire essentially the same as on the last concert so no point in repeating myself about it, just check the other post. Folk can be fun folks. And it is quite refreshing.

Basia Derlak - voice, clarinet
Marcin Nenko - double bass
Tomasz Waldowski - percussion set, piano

Lokator, Krakow; 12.02.

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