Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jazz Alchemist radio with Andrzej Przybielski

Tomorrow at 8pm (cet) I'm waiting for you on with another portion of music. Becasue of the recent death of Andrzej Przybielski, his music will constitute the big part of the playlist (did you know that it is his trumpet playing used as the jingle of the program?). Also we'll remember birthday ofNancy Wilson (with a couple of love ballads for the St. Valentine's Day) and such distinguished musicians like Henry Threadgill, Nicole Mitchell, Fred Firth, with focus on their composer's work.

As always, detailed tracklist will be posted here during the program. Tune in! Waiting for you also on the facebook chat.

1. Andrzej Przybielski - Afroblue
2. Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble - Afrika Rising Trilogy part II - Metamorphosis (Nicole's birthday on 17th Feb)
3. Henry Threadgill - Come carry the day (Henry's birthday on 15th)
4. Sing Sing Penelope & Andrzej Przybielski - W Arce
5. Fred Firth - Song and Dance (played by ROVA Quartet) (Fred's birtdhay on 17th)
6. Andrzej Przybielski - Afroblue II
7. Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley - Never will I marry (Nancy's birthday on 20th)
8. The Switters Trio - Theory of Conspiracy (Gianni Gebbia and Francesco Cusa were supposed to play this week in Krakow, concerts were cancelled but it's no reason to not play those pieces :) )
9. The Switters Trio - New Middle Age Walkin'
10. Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble - Wondrous Birth
11.Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus - Too much sugar
12. SBB & Andrzej Przybielski - Dwie Pogody cz.2
13. Fred Firth - Water under the bridge (played by ROVA Quartet)
14. Andrzej Przybielski - Ride
15. Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley - Save Your Love For Me
16. Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus - Try Some Ammonia
17. Czeslaw Niemen & SBB & Andrzej Przybielski - Inicjaly

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