Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jazz Alchemist Radio with Szilard, Joelle, Joe and others

I'm waiting for you with some music at 8 pm (CET) at and to chat with you through the facebook account (jazzowy alchemik or
I will present some excerpts from the just reviewed Joelle Leandre double cd on Leo. And then we will celebrate birthdays of such artists like Joe Maneri, Szilard Mezei, Glenn Spearman, Okay Temiz.

1. Szilard Mezei Trio - Dance, Bad Woman (Szilard's birthday on 12th; I will try to write about couple of his recent cds this week)
2. Joe Maneri - Sopra (Joe's birthday on 9th)
3. Glenn Spearman / William Parker / Paul Murphy - East (Glenn's birthday on 14th)
4. Joelle Leandre Tentet - excerpt around from recently reviewed cd (check previous post)
5. Szilard Mezei Trio - March
6. Joe Maneri - Paniots Nine
7. Szilard Mezei - Road of Fool
8. Joelle Leandre Tentet - excerpt
9. Joelle Leandre Trio - excerpt (check previous post)
10. Don Cherry - Orient (with Okay Tamiz - birtdahy on 11th)

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