Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dave Douglas Brass Ecstasy - III Lublin Jazz Festival Day 2 Concert 2 (16.04)

I always loved brass ensemble sound, so joyfull and positively vibrant, festive. Dave Douglas Brass Ecstasy is clearly inspired by Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy and the first song is indeed dedicated to Lester - "Spirit Moves". I'm really mad that the "Spirit Moves" cd doesn't contain (surprising isn't it?) the song that bears the same title. But this piece is incredibly beautifull, and ensemble just pours those sweet, warm harmonies of this spiritual-influenced melody. 
The band revives the New Orlean's traditions playing charmingly through Douglas originals that show both knack for harmonic depth and cinematic storytelling. Solid soloing, even better ensemble sound and playing, great scores, great contact with an audience - all ingredients of an ole jazz fun. And what a fun it was! In the final piece Dave Douglas plays solo intruduction filled with humorous twists and quotations from music history (pop, classical, jazz), Marcus Rojas on tuba lays the groove with Nasheet Waits. Luis Bonilla and Vincent Chancey are definitely no slackers but my greatest appreciation goes right to Nasheet Waits, lightly swinging, drumrolling, lightly funking. In fact Waits is not doing anything spectacular but the way he doesn't do it is spectacular. Some of the most classy, elegant and delightfull drumming I've watched on stage in a while. And the tuba-drums duo groove deliciously.
Fun and joyfull in the nicest way possible, nothing ear or mind shattering obviously, nothing really surprising or spectacular, but what a pleasure for ears!

the photo was made by fellow listener Pawel Pawlowski - thanks a lot for submitting it.

Dave Douglas - trumpet
Louis Bonilla - trombone
Vincent Chancey - french horn
Marcus Rojas - tuba
Nasheet Waits - drums

Studio Radio Lublin; Lublin; 16.04

actually there are good quality videos of the band on youtube. This one starts with "Spirit Moves" as the concert in Lublin.

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