Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mikolaj Trzaska & Clementine Gasser - III Lublin Jazz Festiwal day 2 concert 1 (16.04)

Mikolaj introduced this concert with a reflection that would sum it up better than anything else. He met with Clemetine in 2004 and they play together every now and then since that moment. Sometimes with other musicians, sometimes (as in this case) in duo setting. In between they work on other projects, they develop new ideas, independently, they grow, they become new persons in a way. So every time they meet again it's like meeting an old friend, but have a lot of new stories to tell each other. 
They start intense, Mikolaj on alto with a lot of agressive extended techniques, making the instrument breath and heave in circles. Clementine's tone on cello is sharp and edgy, poignant. While keeping the tension high, Mikolaj also displays his melodic sensibility, the ever-evident post-romantic, slavic soul. The playing is intense, focused, demanding on all three sides - Mikolaj, Clementine, the audience. Even the softer moments, fragile lines are powerfull. Whether playing softly on sopranino (I think) or deep and dark like the ocean on bass clarinet Mikolaj brings detail forward, the musicality of his solo playing is immense - in fact I think he should do a solo recording soon. With the presence of Clementine on the cello - dominant and equally wild, the duo creates music that is abstract and demands total attention, but can also be very rewarding and It's impossible to ignore the passion within.

(photo by K. Penarski from a concert in Alchemia in March 2007)

Mikolaj Trzaska - alto sax, sopranino, bass clarinet
Clementine Gasser - cello
Studio Radio Lublin; Lublin; 16.04

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