Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Jazz Alchemist Radio tonight at 8pm with a bunch of guys and girls

Tonight at 8 pm we redo the playlist that was supposed to go on air last week. We'll get back to Rempis / Rosaly duo concert, birthdays of whole lot of historic jazz figures and we'll also talk about the concert coming this week.

8pm CET at
waiting fo you to on-line and chat through facebook.

1. Freddie Hubbard - Blue Frenzy (Freddie's birthday on 7.04)
2. Dave Rempis & Frank Rosaly - In Plain Sight
3. Noah Howard - Ole Negro (Noah's birthday on 06.04)
4. Gerry Mulligan / Chet Baker Quartet - I got rhythm (Gerry's birthday on 6.04)
5. Billie Holiday - Georgia on my mind (Billie's birthday on 07.04)
6. Evan Parker - Chicago solo (4) (Evan's birthday on 05.04)
7. Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet - Larks and Loons
8. Alexander Von Schlippenbach Monk's Casino -Nutty
9. Alexander Von Schlippenbach Monk's Casino -Criss-Cross (Alex's birthday on 07.04)
10. Thelonious Monk Quartet - Well You Needn't (Charlie Rouse's birthday on 06.04)
11. Horace Tascott Pan African People's Arkestra - Coltrane Medley (Horace's birthday on 06.04)
12. John Coltrane - Giant Steps (Art Taylor's birthday on 06.04)
13. Evan Parker / John Edwards / Mark Sanders - Winter VI
14. Alexander Von Schlippenbach Monk's Casino - Rhythm-a-Ning

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