Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Giovanni Francesca, Aldo Galasso, Dario Miranda - Telegraph [Leo]

Giovanni Francesca - guitar, live electronics
Aldo Galasso - drums, percussion
Dario Miranda - bass, el. bass, shruti box, kalimba, live electronics

Leo Records 2011

Leo Feign continues his glorious campaing of bringing forward  new names and fresh music. I don't really know if this cd marks the debut by the trio (as it is, in fact, a fruit of a 10 years of ongoing collaboration) I've found only a scarce info on any of the musicians playing and the most relevant could be the fact that they've released a cd on italian Splasc(h) label as the Koan Quartet back in 2006  (with the addition of Gianluca Grasso on keyboards). As a result of this lack of information, the cd comes as a surprise, but also continues to do so with each next track - being one of the most ecclectic and varied cds I've listened to recently.

"Mod. X" starts with a meditative mood (provided by the shruti box,) slowly and patiently getting darker and more menacing. "Mod 1" takes off with 'drum'n'bass' busy drumming against spacious guitar and then moves to a full-scale rock guitar shredding with the catching bass groove and great riff. "Mod 4" alternates gentle and peacefull with mysterious echoes and then swiftly turns out to be a laid-back summer beach song, hawaian touch maybe, bit reminding of some of the world tunes by Bill Frisell, and when the sunny lazy mood sets in the short coda brings back the mysterious and dark right under it.
Quite a variety and that's just first three tracks. You'll also get some  more rock grooving, with a bit of psychodelia (layers of echoes, dirturbing noises in the background, nice electronic touch) ("Mod 7"), post-rock accents or a delicate arco melody (haunting "Mod 8" and "Mod W" with more Bill Frisell echoes).

As I grew up with rock music, I never really liked this much classic jazz guitar and even less so the mindless pyrotechnics of fusion but this offers much more in a way it delivers both the skills and energy and the vast vision, striving for the edge while mantaining an elusive and haunting quality. Superb playing by all three musicians makes this album both accessible and highly rewarding.

two tracks from the cd appear on the playlist aired on 13.02.12.

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