Friday, December 27, 2013

Chistmas concert schedule (27.11 - 29.11)

I thought there was no point of checking the the concerts for the Christmas day, it's the time most of ust prefer to spend at home, with friends and family. Holiday period continues and the period is rather dominated by songs about santa claus and snowmen and reinders and so on. Still there's something else on the list.

27.12. Orioxy ad Piec'ART
I honestly will be sorry to miss the concert by the band which charmed Piec'ART's cellar with its music some time ago. Voice, harp, bass and drums - their music is sensual, charming, poetic and slighly exotic.

28.12. Leszek Nowatorski Quartet - Swinging Christmas at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Swinging christmas tunes will sound loud and joyfull on saturday night near Krakow's market square. What's not to like?

29.12. Orkiestra Wieniawa with Bel Canto choir -  christmas concert at Stara Zajezdnia
Big Band playing christmas songs? Definitely a great way to keep the chrismtas spirit alive through the week. It seems there won't be any white outside, but inside the concert space it will be definitely White Christmas.

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