Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 12-18.05 edit - Jozefinska 21 encore

The previous list was posted too early to include invites for two interesting events in the alternative space at Jozefinska 21 which has become a sort of community center in the Podgorze area.

14.05 Institute of Intuition series vol. 3 - Paul N. Roth

Institute of Intuition is another collaborative series featuring guest musicians with Krakow's improvisers. The concert will feature Tomek Choloniewski, Rafal Mazur, Michal Dymny along with Paul N Roth. Attention: starts early - 7pm. 

16.05 Official opening of the space as art gallery "I!" (And!) with Krakow's experimental audio-video unit HiQ (read: haiku). 

The group will include Alek Janicki (multimedia), Maria Janicka (laptop), Rafal Mazur (acoustic bass guitar), Michal Dymny (el. guitar), Michal Gorczyca (electronics), Andrzej Skwarek (el. cello). 

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  1. Paulina Owczarek (saxophones) will also take part in both of the events.


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