Sunday, May 4, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 05-11.05 / Bluessroads Festival / Pardon To Tu visit

The biggest event of the week in Krakow is the double concert with the legend Tomasz Stanko and the rising star of polish jazz scene Marcin Masecki. The two will play two separate concerts on the 7th may in Alchemia. Meanwhile in Warsaw, Pardon To Tu continously reaffirms its position as the best stage for improvised music in Poland. While in Warsaw I'm hoping to finally get some writing done, there are two boxsests than just can't leave my cd player right now which stands in the way of "new releases". I'll let you know what two boxes are they very soon.

07.05 Tomasz Stanko and Marcin Masecki at Alchemia.
The veteran of european jazz and the wild youngster toghether will play two separate sets at 7pm and 9pm. Unpredictable evening is to be expected.

07.05 Michal Biela and Enchanted Huners at Klub Re
Michal Biela is one of the founder of a cult indie group Kristen. At Klub Re he will promote his solo project, with the musicians of the folk-dream-pop Enchanted Hunters. The cd will be only available during group's concerts.

8-11.05 Bluesroads Festival at Klub Zaczek
Three days with blues, opean air concert with Corey Harris, Waglewski Fisz Emade and more. One of the most intriguing performances should be the duo of Raphael Roginski and polish soul-music star Natalia Przybysz. Plus vocal, instrumental and dance workshops. Entrance free of charge to all the events. It's a shame there's no english version of festival's website but you can consult the schedule here.

Meanwhile in Pardon To Tu there's a four day marathon starting tonight.
4-5.05 2 nights with The Thing and guests
Is there any better live band in the galaxy? The heavyweight champions will meet as will meet with some of the most creative musicians from Warsaw for a couple of rounds of heavy improvising.

06.05 John Dilkeman, William Parker and Hamid Drake.
Possibly the best rhythm section in free jazz, Dilkeman's saxophone will just have to fly along them.

07.05 Switchback
Waclaw Zimpel with fellow Chicagoans Mars Williams, Hilliard Greene and his long time companion Klaus Kugel. I've been aching to see the band live ever since reading first of their existence. Zimpel's pensieve clarinet meets Williams' furious sax? It should be a blast.

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