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Krakow Concert Schedule 19-25.05 / Green Zoo Festival

I've complained last week about lack of events. I should've better kept my mouth shut. You better gather your strenghths in the first few days of the next week because starting thursday there are places to be and the number of difficult choices can melt your brain.

22-25 Green Zoo Festival IV
Green Zoo Festival is presents 10 events within three days, dedicated to all sides of the alternative in music. Indie rock, pop, electronica, experimental, improvisation. There will be techno, hip hop, dance along with free improvisation. You name it. Most of the names in the schedule remain unknown to me but you can trust the selection. The concerts of most interest from jazz ear perspective are listed below:

22.05. Mikrokolektyw at Klub Re (Green Zoo Festival)
Artur Majewski andKuba Suchar duo is internationally recognised for their mixture of acoustic and electronic improvisation.

22.05 Drekoty at Piekny Pies
Indie electro group led by Ola Rzepka (frequent collaborator of Raphael Roginski - the keyboardist in Wovoka, the drummer in Jewish Surf). Inteligent, innovative and intriguing music.

23.05 Pole at Klub Re (Green Zoo Festival)
Pole is a trio with Mikolaj Gorczynski (Ircha Clarinet Quartet, Cukunft), Piotr Zabrodzki (SzaZa) and Jan Mlynarski. The improvising unit finds pleny of inspiration in polish folk music, klezmer, but also avant electornic, minimalism music and afro-beat.

23.05 jmTrio at Klub Dziennikarzy "Pod Gruszka"
jmTrio's "Interludium" remains for me one of the most beatiful releases in the polish jazz history. The music on the cd is filled with love and audacity. Joachim Mencel will play the program from the cd with Adam Kowalewski on double bass and Szymon Madej on drums. The novelty is he'll play on hurdy gurdy beside the piano as well.

23.05 Dominika Rusinowska Quartet at Piec'ART
Young quartet led by the violinist Dominika Rusinowska who explores the filed of modern jazz with with Matuesz Sobiechowski on piano, Adam Tedel on double-bass and Jozef Rusinowski on drums.

23.05. SamBar at Kuznia (EDIT)
SamBar is a sax baritone duo with Paulina Owczarek and Tomek Gadecki. The duo invites for a small tour details of which in the poster beside. Krakow will see two performances as they will be back for a second evening at Galeria i! on 27th.

It's worth mentioning the duo has just relased their first cd on Not Two label. The concerts will feature also guest musicians as in the video below (where they play with Marcin Bozek with whom Tomek Gadecki has the Olbrzym i Kurdupel duo).

24.05 Agata Kurzyk ad Piec'ART
A cello recital with a whole lot of electronic loops involved. Marriage of modern and classical. Curious fact: apparently they have world championship in looping.

25.06 Jonna Slowinska and J.A.S.S. Trio at Alchemia
That's defitniely an intriguing partnership. Vocalist's field is that of folk music and poetic lyrics. The trio explores the free form, improvisation and cinematic atmosphere. The results of this meeting are difficult to predict but the idea is more than intriguing.

PS. on the completely unrelated to the music, but very close to me subject:
Between 23 and 25th may Krakow will have it's first edition of the Krakow Beer Festival. A perfect place to be inbetween the concerts.

Some other teasers for the Green Zoo Festival:

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  1. 21.05. Kuba Pluzek - Koncert premierowy at Lizard king


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