Sunday, June 5, 2011

Free Jazz Alchemist with Murray, Wolf, Ortega and others

Tomorrow at 8 pm  CET I'll present the three recently reviewed releases (David Murray's box set, Harrison Bankhead's debut as a leader, re-issue of "Aorta" by Paul van Gysegem Sextet). Plus a birthday of Anthony Ortega (a faboulus standard's interpreter), Avram Fefer (so we can get back to his trio's concert), Zbigniew Seifert and Howlin' Wolf! :)
This might be also on of the last programs this season, but of course the blog will remain active throughout the summer.

Waiting for you on the to tune in and on facebook to chat.

1. Howlin' Wolf - Shake For Me (Chester Arthur Burnett aka Howlin' Wolf - born June 10 1910)
2. Avram Fefer, Eric Revis, Chad Taylor - Wishful Thinking (apart from playing the concert last week - Avram's birthday on June 9)
3. David Murray Octet - Ben (for Ben Webster)
4. Harrison Bankhead Sextet - Chicago Senorita
5. Paul van Gysegem Sextet - Frans En Zijn Muze
6. Anthony Ortega & Joe LaBarbera - Night and Day (Anthony's birthday on June 7 ; Cole Porter was born June 9 1891)
7. Howlin' Wolf - The Red Rooster
8. Zbigniew Seifert - Impressions (Seifert born in Krakow, June 6 1946)
9. David Murray Octet - Morning Sun
10. Paul van Gysegem Sextet - Voor Anouk
11. Howlin' Best - I Ain't Superstitious
12. Harrison Bankhead Sextet - East Village
13. David Murray Octet - Flowers for Albert

the playlist will be repeated without any commentary at 10 pm CET

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