Thursday, October 20, 2011

Norstebo / Myhr / Jarmyr at PIEC'Art (19.10)

Tomas, Adrian, Henrik. from the band's archive
This is going to be a somewhat sweet-sour post. I've had been to PIEC'Art a number of times already and most recent visits had to do with Adrian Myhr's returning to Krakow (first concert with Trabant trio was a surprise, the second one with Vojtech Prochazka trio even more so). While focused on more mainstream jazz, there's a spot or two every now and then in PIEC'Art for something more unconventional. And that's a good thing, obviously.

The music was great, the playing creative, musicians in tune with each other and their instruments, in constant dialogue, interraeaction. While the presence of trombone brings sometimes a jazz-rooted sound, but a whole other world of sonic realities is right there - hushed and semi-audible, filled with details, micro-textures, timbral explorations. The last track strikingly meditative, Tomas playing with bare hands on plates to achieve a zen, sustained, echoing gong sounds. An aura taken immediately upon by Adrian and Henrik. Music that vibrates with positive energy within the soul.

And that was the sweet part, now's time for sour. The concert (or the possibility of perception) was nearly destroyed by a chattering, blabbering group of people who would never mind the music and just chose the room because it was a smoking zone. Now, and I see a big number of live events, I can't remember having encountered such an absence of culture skills. But I guess a moron can't help being a moron. What was discomforting was the lack of any reaction on behalf of the club. What's the sense in investing culturally into an event if one allows a group of casual bystanders ruin the event for the few who were interested in the music? Will selling a couple more beers turn the event profitable? That a moron shows no respect is understandeable (and pitifull). That in jazz club, a place that is supposed to be a space dedicated to music, there's no one to introduce the band, to ask guests not to smoke during the performance and finally to ask those not particularly interested to respect the space or leave (charging the tickets would probably do the trick) - that's something I fail to comprehend. And that's the sour part.

Back to positive : I fully recommend to you the music by those young artists, representats of what seems to be a quite telented generation in Norway. Check the Trio's myspace page for some samples of their music.
Henrik Norstebo - trombone
Adrian Myhr - double bass
Tomas Jarmyr - drums

PIEC'Art. Krakow. 19.10.2011

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