Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jazz Alchemist is back on the radio!!!

Radio is back!!! :)

I invite you all with all might of my heart to join this monday for the first program of this season. There will be a special guest and a special playlist. The main topic - humour. 

We'll listen to the music that should make us smile and laugh. Initially I had an ambition to make this a serious investigation of the subject in the improvised music (I mean, isn't laugh a most sincere reaction to a ducky sound of wah-wah mute on the trumpet, or buzzing, beeping etc. experimentalism, isn't this music as much about having fun as about anything else?). But than I selected a song, another one, a pastiche, a cover, a parody and somehow a playlist got filled up. 
So we'll have a session of things for something completely different, laid-back and fun. Hope you'll enjoy it 

This Monday (24.10) , 8 pm CET. 
Will be waiting for you to be on-line to chat via facebook. Non-polish listeners - I hope you won't mind the polish commentary. The detailed playlist will be published below during the airing and I plan to upload the thing to mixcloud the very next day :)

1. from Broadway Monty Python Musical - Tuning
2. Graal - Bum-Bum
3. Scianka - Sprawa 5-ciu...
4. Scianka - Skuter
5. Henrik Munkeby Norstebo - Solo 4 (from "Solo"; he played with a trio last Wednesday. More in this post)
6. Tfaruk Love Communication - Tinky Winky jest pedałem (from "Tfaruk Love Communication")
7. Profesjonalizm - Dlugi (from "Chopin Chopin Chopin")
8. Chlopcy Kontra Basia - Mam ja męża
9. Oscar Brown Jr. - Signifyin' Monkey
10. Ray Anderson - Don't Mow Your Lawn
11. Paristetris - BBQ
12. Profesjonalizm - Dety
13. Henrik Munkey Norstebo - Solo 6
14. The Second Approach Trio - The Burlesque Rag (from "Pandora's Pitcher")
15. Flight of the Conchords - Robots (live)
16.The Complainer & The Complainers - Metka
17. The Complainer & The Complainers - Substytuty
18. Miąższ - Łodondi
19. Sex Mob - Not Boweevil
20. Bugs Bunny & Donald Duck - Hello Goodbye

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