Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio re-run of 26.04

Have you listened live to the program on 26.04? It went through some technical issues so I re-did at home at here it is again for you to enjoy. We celebrate birthdays of Cecily Taylor, Ben Webster, Sarah Vaughan, Frank Gratkowski plus we listen to excerpts from some two recently reviewed albums.

1. Ben Webster - Ill Wind
2. Lysander Le Coultre - Albert Van Veneendaal - Calabrone (from "A Cool Tree")
3. Inner Ear Quartet - Water Lillies in Moma (from "Breathing Steam")
4. Frank Grtatkowski Quartet - Scherzo II
5. Lysander Le Coultre - Albert Van Veneendaal - Summer Night's Dream (from "A Cool Tree")
6. Sarah Vaughan - Willow Weep For Me
7. Ben Webster - Time On My Hands
8. Lysander Le Coultre - Albert Van Veneendaal - Firefly (from "A Cool Tree")
9. Cecil Taylor - Enter, Evening
10. Cecil Taylor & Gunther Sommer - Riobec 2
11. Samuel Blaser Quartet - Boundless Suite, part 4 (from "Boundless")
12. Frank Gratkowski Quartet - Rotation
13. Cecil Taylor & Tony Oxley - The Old Canal
14. Lysander Le Coultre - Albert Van Veneendaal - In Middle There Is No End (from "A Cool Tree")

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