Friday, March 16, 2012

Lysander Le Coultre / Albert Van Veenendaal - A Cool Tree [Evil Rabbit]

Lysander Le Coultre - cello
Albert Van Veenendaal - piano

Evil Rabbit Records 2011

I admit both names present on this cd are completely new to me. Which is even more exciting, but also quite sad as this is a posthumous release, tribute to the talent of Lysander Le Coultre who died on january 29, 2009.
In a way he comes from beyond the grave to share this with us - but I don't want to play any metaphysics wordplays. This is a true pearl, a gem of spontaneous improvisation, born from the tradition of european chamber music and contemporary avant-guarde. Wonderfull unity of piano and cello, dialogue of two noble instruments, both well rooted in the history of classical music. 

On one hand there are some passionate, fiery and virtuosic exchanges, gypsy-like flights ("Ping Pong", "Totterdown"). "Calabrone" displays incredibly intensity of communication,"call and response" sequence so rapid that is almost visible how perfectly the musicians are able to act and react to each other continously, how profound is their communication.
On the other hand there are pieces of incredibly intimate, haunting and mysteriously enchanting music. Echoes, whispers, delicate harmonies and melodies - sacred mystery filling each note and each pause. Like the romantic melody of "Firefly" with its charming Satie-like piano melody and beautifull pizziccato solo on cello, and the captivating crescendo to end the piece. Or delicate as a moon's light ray "Summer Night's Dream" (achingly beautifull track). Or haunting beginning and ending of "In the middle there is no end" with its long pauses and single, suspended piano notes, echoing in silence, closing inbetween a sharp, dense, fiery improvisation of fast arpeggios and clusters. 

At 36 minutes this cd is almost painfully short. Feels like there was so much more to tell. Like it all ends too soon. And the only thing I can do is to press 'play' again and start with the first track. Absolute treasure of spontanous composition, of chamber music. This is music of beautifull soul. Captivating, engaging, illuminating. 

4 pieces from the album available in this playlist.

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