Friday, March 23, 2012

Samuel Blaser Quartet - Boundless [Hatology]

Samuel Blaser - trombone
Marc Ducret - guitar
Banz Oester - double bass
Gerald Cleaver - drums

Hatology 2011

Samuel Blaser's name comes up on this blog every now (most recently with an unique take on baroque music "Consort in Motion") and there is no doubt he's one of the most versatile, talented and active trombone players of his generation. "Boundless" is another step forward in his career, an album recorded with a stellar group, for a prestigious label, presents "Boundless" suite may be his most ambitious and most uccesfull accomplishment so far.
For the length of four extended pieces Blaser charms the listener with his multi-phonics technique, gentle and colourfull, Ducret spices the things up with poignant solos while Banz Oyster and Gerald Cleaver surround them with multilayered grooves, colours and shades. In short - the singular performances are absolutely fabulous and the level of musicianship is off the roof. What's much more important though is how well those four manage to coexist within the complex structure of Blaser's composition, where each part brings new rhythmic, melodic and harmonic associations, each one is full of sudden twists, fragile textures, energetic outbursts and musical deja vu's that make for the narration of the suite.

Blaser's writing, brought to life by the quartet, combines wide palette of colours with somehow noir mood, call it a wide palette of greys, sometimes more mesmerizing than hd picture full of vivid but flat colours. This music draws you in, you enjoy it like a good story. A great album, highly recommended. Check the first part of the suite in the video below to see if you dig it:

4th part of the suite from the album is available in this playlist.

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  1. What a great group! Thanks for sharing this. I think i will have to purchase this album!

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