Friday, August 3, 2012

Jazz and Poetry 2 - Tomasz Stanko / Wislawa Szymborska - Tutaj (Here)

Wisława Szymborska - poetry
Tomasz Stanko - trumpet

Znak 2012

Wislawa Szymborska died this year, on the first of february. And she's sorely missed. Her work is internariontally praised, with the Nober prize to testify for that. And yet she couldn't have care less about prizes and honours, the real power of her poetry is constant ability to wonder, to be surprised by every-day reality, by subtle details of common, seemingly ordinary things, objects, activites. 

This cd is an unique opportunity to listen her read her poems, there's no forced drama here, no theatrical artificiality, she reads as she speaks, natural, warm, as if she was chatting with the audience. After every poem Tomasz Stanko plays the trumpet, and his unaccompanied voice is just as intimate and pure as Szymborska's poetry. Simple yet wonderfull. Unhurried, without any trickery, no show, no puff, just music of a wise man. 
It seems that no words can describe Stanko's playing, nor Szymborska's poetry. But they do justice each other as each poem is followed by music's poetry. And it's infinite beauty, immesureable joy to listen to them doing that.

The cd is a part of a bi-lingual volume of Szymborska's work. If you haven't read her poetry I invite you to take this opportunity and get acquainted with her. Whether you enjoy great poetry or you just like Stanko's trumpet, this is a win on both sides.

the cd is featured in the playlist presented 10.09.12.


It's been and gone.
It's been, so it's gone/
In the same irreversibile order,
for such is the rule of this foregone game.
A trite conclusion, not worth writing,
it if weren't and unquestionable fact,
a fact for ever and ever,
for the whole cosmos, as it is and will be,
that something really was,
untill it was gone,
even the fact
that today you had a side of fries.


  1. Despite brutal depropriation, over the top invigilation and killing of some of his friends (Zbigniew Wiatr, Tomasz Szukalski) Tomasz Stańko recently recorded "Wislawa" - a tribute to the bloody stalinist agent Wisława Szymborska.

    I liked Tomasz - until now.


  2. wal sie na ryj pisowcu

  3. Myslałem ze wszystkie pisowskie trole siedzą i czytaja wyborczą.pl
    a tu jeden pisze o Jazzie,


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