Monday, September 10, 2012

Jazz Alchemist Radio - lyrical summer reminissances

It's still a couple of weeks till the radio's gates (a figure of speech) open again and I'll be able to meet live with through the web audio stream. Still, with all the great things coming up (Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival!) and so many fine cds reviewed during those summer months I decided to gather some of the music I've written about recently and had not yet have chance to present it and put it together for your pleasure and anjoyment. So here's the first program in which the focus is on lyrical and melancholy (summer's over which could be a reason for mourning but that only means that Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival is closer, so don't be too sad about it).

1. Mira Opalinska & Douglas Whates - Cinema Paradiso (from the "Lumiere")
2. Wislawa Szymborska / Tomasz Stanko - Metafizyka (from "Tutaj")
3. Adam Pieronczyk / Tomasz Gajcy - Schodzac (from "Gajcy")
4. Anto Pett & Bart van Rosmalen - Playwork 1 (from "Playwork")
5. Reverie Duo - Reverie (from "Stagioni")
6. Adam Pieronczyk / Tomasz Gajcy - Modlitwa na rzeczy (from "Gajcy")
7. Reverie Duo - Baci e Ferraglia (from "Stagioni")
8. Wislawa Szymborska / Tomasz Stanko - Nieczytanie (from "Tutaj")
9. Mira Opalinska & Douglas Whates - A Short Film About Love (from the "Lumiere")
10. 4tet - Different Song - Cafe Longtemps (from the "Step into the Future")
11. Adam Pieronczyk / Tomasz Gajcy - Czarne Okna (from "Gajcy")
12. Tomek Choloniewski - Unit (from "Un")
13. 4tet - Different Song - Water Lily (from the "Step into the Future")
14. Theo Jorgensmann & Oles Brothers - Per Rata
15. Reverie Duo - Il Resto delle Cose (from "Stagioni")

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