Sunday, June 30, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 01-07.07 (Jewish Culture Festival)

Krakow Jewish Culture Festival keeps you busy the whole next week. Lecturs, meetings, workshops, radio sessions, exhibitions and live music concerts.

before that just one alternative summer invite:

Sebastian Pikula from the Miazsz group is doing musical workshops for children, from Monday till Friday. Sounds like a lot of fun way to start the summer :) Bring your children and yourself, more details in the link.

Krakow Jewish Festival 2013

As the evening musical program goes consult Jewish Festival homepage.  Below you can find a short selection, make sure to check the whole program so you wouldn't miss anything.

1.07. Frank London and the Big Band of Krakow Academy - Shekhinah
A special project, presentation of two new full-orchestra compositions by Frank London.

Midnite Session in Alchemia with Cukunft & Guests.
The jam session at Alchemia would start at midnight and go through for hours, till the sunrise. True feasts of passion, love and music. A crucial element of each festival.

2.07 Riverloam Trio
The brilliant trio with Mikolaj Trzaska, Olie Brice and Mike Sanders with a special program "Babia's Memory" (Grandma's memory) filled with music and stories sung and told by musicians' grandmas. Extremely intimate historic dialogue through generations. 

Midnite Session at Alchemia with Frank London & Guests
Another one of the legendary nights at Alchemia.

3.07 Maria Raducanu & Cukunft
Cukunft, led by Raphael Roginski, with guest vocalist, with Pawel Szamburski and Michal Gorczynski on clarinets (half of the Ircha Clarinet Quartet) and Pawel Szpura (Hera among other projects) - a band as crucial to polish new jewish music movement as was Masada to New York scene in the 90s.

The band will follow up the concert with yet another
Midnite Session at Alchemia with Cukunft & Guests

04.07 Zion 80 - Schlomo Carlebach meets Fela Kuti
I think the title of the concert says it all. With the all crew featuring Jon Madof, Jessica Lurie, 
Shanir Blumenkranz, Frank London and others.

the concert will be followed by, surpris,
Midnite Session at Alchemia with Frank London & Guests 

05.07 Mulakuz concert at Kawiarnia Naukowa
concert with Rapahel Roginski and participants of MuLaKuZ musical workshops during the week.

Boom Pam & Kutiman at Alchemia
a surf night with energetic Tel Aviw trio featuring the guest artist Kutiman, the author of the video Thru Krakow, realised at last year edition of the festival

06.07 Shalom at Szeroka Street
Thousands of people, probably circa hundred musicians on the stage, 8 hours long marathon of jewish music, old and new, secular and ritual, danceable and meditative. One of the biggest annual events in Krakow, called "Jewish Woodstock", the only event of its kind in the whole world.

07.07 Dj Lenar at Cheder Cafe - Sooner or Later
A sound artist, disc digger, turntablist evening, to cool off after the extra-intense week

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